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Hostage Drama: 1 Ex-Police caused the whole World to lay their eyes on our little country

Posted in internet news, security by Fated Blue on August 23, 2010

Here’s a source (among hundreds) if you slept through all the drama. (or you were just really unaware)

At least seven hostages appear to have survived the 10-hour hijacking of a bus Monday, and the hostage-taker died of a gunshot wound to the head, a CNN producer at the scene said.

Police said at least two hostages were killed on the bus, which was hijacked in the Philippines Monday.

There were 15 hostages on the bus when police stormed it. Nine hostages and the driver had been released earlier. It was not clear if the other six are alive or dead.

Yup. If you’re reading this then I guess you know how much our country, the Philippines, fucked up again in the world of hostage drama. Well, there were survivors but the questions that would most likely be the main theme of the news a few hours from now would be these:

Was there a chance that the police could’ve performed better?

Had they not arrested the family members, could the bloodshed be lessened or even prevented?

Who’s to blame? The media coverage or the police?

Could this tragedy end in more pleasant way had they, the police, used tear gas earlier?

Had the driver not overreacted/panicked about him announcing that “All of them are dead”, could a few more lives be spared?

(My personal question) Would you hate simply because many hated the police? Or are you one of those who hate without putting yourself in their situation?


The whole world watched as our little country struggled to stop one man.

I had my attention on this news since 4 pm. I could’ve sworn it was about to end in a more peaceful manner. But when I saw how the family members were being treated, with all the media covering them, I began to think “Bloodshed, definitely bloodshed”. I’m not blaming the media though I PARTIALLY blame the police. I mean, they could’ve just put the guy in a safer place and have him be interviewed by the media. The coverage was good for us, bad for the hostages.

The hostage taker would just tune in to some radio or TV station and see all of this. Knowing he had hostages to spare, he released his anger on a few and it all started from there.

I basically don’t know what to say. All I know is that the family members could’ve talked some sense into him. The police should’ve focused on negotiating with the hostage taker. They could’ve used the family members as an incentive or something. Of course, civilian safety is priority so they had to take them away from the site. Then again, I just know their presence could’ve prevented the unneeded bloodshed.

I can only condole to the families of the victims of this tragedy. I pray for my country and its future.

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