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Please tell me these students aren’t from my school!

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on August 24, 2010

They better be freshmen. No excuses for sophomores ABOVE -_-

Click more to view confirmed students from FEU LOL

I saw this on an FB  page dedicated to the recently concluded hostage taking crisis that swept not just the  nation but the whole world as well (China is pretty much the whole world anyway).

What I’m hoping for is that these students aren’t from my Alma Mater. Much humiliation will ensue with much concern to the instilled Thomasian values which is passed on to every student of the prestigious University of Santo Tomas.

EDIT: 08242010 23:15 GMT+8

I’ve been reading posts with regards to this picture. Some say they hail from another school that REALLY resembles UST’s College of Education’s uniform.

EDIT: 08252010 1336 GMT+8


Oh hai Everywan! Mr. Polismen, plis poze wid as 😀

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  2. jerrica said, on October 14, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    the students wearing white dress uniform are not from FEU!!
    they are from PNU!

    sadly, the students who have pictures in front of the bus and with a policeman are my fellow tamaraws.. 😦

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