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Daniel Wagner: He knows the Philippines more than Filipinos do

Posted in Random by Fated Blue on August 26, 2010


When I lived in the Philippines from 2003 to 2007, I was asked, what is the difference between the Philippines and Indonesia? My answer was, “In Indonesia, they have hope.” I came to the conclusion that in spite of all the things the Philippines has going for it, its people didn’t demand enough of themselves, or of their government. Political apathy and a willingness to accept a low common denominator of performance have taken their toll on the psyche of the Philippine people.

This post, among the rest, really hits the spot. Seriously, if every Filipino would read this and take it to heart, a good change will happen.

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  1. Earn and Invest Money said, on August 27, 2010 at 6:31 am

    Maria Venus Raj Fight Back…

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  2. Ron said, on July 11, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    As always,when anyone says anything negative about the philippines there is a huge response.Everyone has a theory about who or what is to blame!
    Sadly though there is no easy answer.There are so many fundamental and deeply ingrained problems whether they be political,institutional or personal.Fixing the country will take big changes and long time periods 😦

    In theory a quick start could be made on some of the bigger problems.A couple of examples-ban the catholic church if they don’t change their unbiblical teaching on contraception and introduce some kind of compulsory ‘national service’ to improve infrastructure etc
    But this is only forcing change from the outside.The real change NEEDS to come from lots of individuals choosing to change for the better.Only then will the country improve as a whole.

    I could make a list of things the typical filipino does badly,but i’ll no doubt miss something and anyway,who will listen to someone preaching to them??

    The very best thing the filipino people can do -both individually and as a country- is to look at what other people or countries do better then copy them!! 🙂

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