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Goop: I think Lara-haters are immature onions LOL

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on August 31, 2010

There was this person (who goes by the name of Glenn Paolo A. Goopio) who left a little comment on my recent blog about a girl named Lara Santos. For some reason, he was too lazy to actually leave a decent comment or at least a little summary of his points and decided to leave a link in which he wanted everyone to click…

LOL WTF is a link if it’s not meant to be clicked? I saw that as a way to increase pageviews or something. Maybe he had good intentions but to just say he has something else in mind and instruct everyone to open the door to his thoughts is just lazy. Similar to how attention whores get their way around the internet i.e. “Click on the link to see me topless!” LOL

Since I like reading things that may tend to oppose my own ideas, I went ahead and took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Here’s what I saw

Now, I am not one of those self-righteous boobs to pour my heart out on every racial revilement I see on the web. More so since Lara Santos is just 14 years old. But that’s exactly what some people did. These ADULTS, unbelievably enough, dedicated an entire hate page to a prepubescent girl (see Lara Santos is a disgrace to Filipinos), where a typical commentary tells of anything but their age group

This was just the beginning. I already thought “Wow. This guy must think he’s something special. This’ll be a fun thing to read.”

After showing pictures of people he condemned as “hate breathers, unforgiving, and boobs”, he wrote the following

I can tell you a lot of reasons why all these are completely unnecessary, never mind that she’s a child on the verge of adolescence. But very simply: because it doesn’t prove or solve anything; it scars Lara Santos’ reputation for life (which could force her all the more to despise her heritage); and, most of all, because it is telling of a Filipino sickness we are so stricken of: HYPOCRISY.

I found this little comment a bit too…lacking. It seems that he’s not blaming Lara for the mistake she did but instead is blaming each and everyone of us Filipinos for what she did to herself. He may also be telling the haters to fuck themselves because they hate someone who hates them. LOL

Truth be told, we hate accountability. We can prove this by a popular opinion on Facebook regarding the Quirino Bloodbath: “Get over it, people!” But ask any foreigner to spew slur on us and we will be quick on the rebound. Why? Reputation. It doesn’t matter that we are the 2nd most corrupt country in South East Asia or the worst mannered, we want a good reputation and that’s that.

He’s already associating his own thoughts with 90 million other people. Although I find it unnecessary since it’s not only Filipinos who want a good reputation but pretty much the whole world as well.

I believe that those who cannot grasp the purpose of a pun are egocentic and slow on the uptake. It is not so much that 14-year old Lara Santos made that disparaging remark, it is that the remark was made by a 14-year old. Rather regress to our childish states in the middle of adulthood and gang up on her, we ought to notice the sadness in the picture. What did Lara Santos see that made her hate her country so much at such a young age?

He hates it when children are hurt. I like people who uphold that thought. But what he doesn’t understand is that the internet is open to everyone and all sorts of nastiness occurs. What you do on the internet is completely in your control no matter how insane or dumb that is. In Lara’s case, she knew everyone can read her blogs, what she didn’t know, rather care for, was how the contents of her little proclamation would do to her. That is ignorance and ignorance is not an excuse on the internet.

Unfortunately, a nation of onions does not know how to properly react when its only hope, the youth, starts doubting itself. Mad on reputation, we reprimand and humiliate them. Thus, we are the architects of our own doom: self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, yet inactive.

And suddenly, he became God.

Lara Santos is a victim of “changing the topic.” For as long as these “adults” continue to busy themselves sending death threats and epithets to a girl, neither will she change her disposition. Most of all: neither will it solve the REAL problem.

He assumes too much on this one. Subjectivity is cheap.


I’ve had things to say and I wrote it earlier in his blogsite. I don’t know if I’m making any sense to him, though. It doesn’t matter. I like arguing over vanity. It’s an internet hobby of mine.

There’s just this one thing I can’t comprehend: Why would he label the people who simply expressed themselves as “hate breathers” and “unforgiving”? I mean, why not label Lara as well? They’re pretty much the same based on what he posted.

And I don’t know if he’s thought about it but there are also some minors who like that hate page. What does that make them? Or are the opinions of children unnecessary to him? Also, can’t he take what those “haters” said as a form of written emotion rather than just some spiteful comment? How else could they express their feelings towards this issue?

I admit, some of those comments were really harsh but keep in mind that they’re just expressing how much they hated what Lara openly told everyone about. I don’t hate Lara but I think she needed an attitude adjustment and I figure this little experience should fix a few of her screws.

Lara Santos is a not a victim of society as much as she is a victim of her own actions. I don’t hate her but I can’t exactly say she’s not to blame for what is happening right now. Do you remember the little incident involving a Ms. Isabel Borres? She wrote her negative thoughts IN PRIVATE and she still gathered hate. What more something public, right? I say Lara just needs a lecture on how to keep things to herself and friends to support her and tell her what to do in dire situations in life. She may be a little confused and scared right now but time will pass and I’m sure she won’t be scarred. If she is what I read on her tumblr account, she’ll be fine.

PS: I think Goop just worries too much. He tells everyone he’s not self-righteous but he’s willing to go overboard, declaring how wrong other people are and how better than everyone he is. Talk about…hypocrisy LOL

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  1. Edgar said, on September 6, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Why do you have so much hate?

    • anima9 said, on September 6, 2010 at 8:07 pm

      Not hate in as much as it was a release of frustration.

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