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Apple TV and Conaw

Posted in entertainment, internet news, youtube shows by Fated Blue on September 2, 2010

This September’s first blog is all about two announcements which I really would like to share. One concerns Apple gadget freaks and the other concerns those who’re willing to sleep smiling after a long day’s work.

Apple TV: The next gen of computer-TV connectivity and Conan O’Brien’s new show this November 8 2010: Conaw.


I watched the news this morning on CNN and I chanced Steve Jobs’ Apple TV conference. He would always wear that all black sleeve that really embodies what he looks like and what his products look like: Smart and classy.

I saw this straight from Yahoo!

Apple (AAPL) failed to make a case Wednesday that Apple TV could replace cable TV. Instead, it did something smarter: It introduced an Apple TVthat consumers will want alongside their cable boxes.

Which, for the first time, is a winning strategy to get Apple on the big family room screen. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new Apple TV at the company’s press conference Wednesday, along with a new iPod Touch and a music-centered social network called Ping.

But the star of the show was Apple TV – a product that has so far been a glaring failure for a company that does so much right. Jobs even introduced the segment by saying Apple TV has been a “hobby” for Apple, and that the company has learned a lot about what consumers want.

So the new Apple TV costs $99 – nearly $200 less than the old Apple TV – and the box is the size of two iPhones side-by-side, about one-fourth the size of the previous version. In one shot, that makes Apple TV a no-brainer purchase for many consumers. The price is about the same as dinner for two and wine at a P.F. Chang’s, and the box won’t have to find a chunk of space amid all the DVRs, DVD players and video game consoles piled by the TV.

With all these new and innovative Apple products in the market (and how I see them selling like pancakes), I can’t see why this won’t sell. I mean, I like Apple products and I see them as something more of a personal item rather than a mere gadget.



I was busy searching for some random memorable quote on my twitter page when I chanced this little surprise from one of my favorite people on Earth. It goes like this:

I announced the name of my show today right here: (Spoiler alert: The words “Tonight” and “Show” aren’t in it.)

So I went ahead and watched it. Two minutes later, I find myself laughing. I mean, the announcement was really great but how it was announced was the greatest. Here’s a little tweet which I found funny (Sorry Leno fans):

Conan’s two-minute video announcing new show name is funnier than Leno’s 17 years on The Tonight

Which is truth. Here’s the video of that great announcement that I think even God was waiting to see:

Okay so he totally messed up his “N” there but hey, works for me. Conaw or Conan, won’t matter. As long as he’s hosting it, who cares about the name? 🙂

Oh btw: Here’s the picture of that “CONAW” card provided by Conan himself:

Awesome title is awesome! Click to enlarge

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