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“Woman Killed After Prank” video is FAKE

Posted in entertainment, internet news, youtube shows by Fated Blue on September 8, 2010


This video’s virality is quite recent. As far as googling is concerned, the oldest traceable age of the video is only from the 4th of September. As you read this, you’ll find the said “REAL AND I AIN’T SAYING SHIT” video to be absolute BS.

The video, as I try to look for it on Youtube, is removed due to copyright by the OWNER/S of the said video. Just from the word itself, copyright protection is only for those that are viewed as public material not meant to be shared for free. LOL

Click to enlarge

In this light, I have found the people who are responsible for this little “prank” and one of them was none other than Kyle Rankin, a film maker. Here’s the link on how I found the truth out for myself 🙂

PS: Aside from the obvious, I can sight numerous mistakes when it comes to how the video defied the laws of physics but let’s end it in a simple way.

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