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Men’s Wardrobe Must-Haves

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on October 27, 2010

FIRST: Just because I listed them doesn’t mean I actually own them.

I’m not good with fashion. Hell, men aren’t generally good with fashion. That does not excuse us from having a few basic items though. Men think it’s all about expensive clothing when it really isn’t. It’s about the combinations, the types, and how you project them.

Below is a list I made up for those bare essentials a man should have inside his wardrobe. Even if you don’t have that much on hand to buy the really expensive brands, just having these will make you just as good as the next rich guy.

1. A white dress shirt. This is one of the very important clothing a man should always have. White simply looks good on everyone. Even better if your face and body can match a supermodel’s.

Also, white polo shirts. This is pretty versatile (as with the white dress shirt). It works in just about any occasion (save for a few, select formal events like, say, a funeral). It’s a good thing to wear if you’re not really out there to impress but simply “to be out there”.
2. Khakis and Jeans. This goes without saying.
3. Black belt and black shoes. Black speaks formality. Brown is fairly a good way to have people notice your shoes but it’s not exactly fit for formal occasions. So before buying brown, buy black first. It’s simply a versatile color. For the shoes, buying black loafers is a good recommendation.
4. Top-sider shoes. These aren’t really a staple but a good pair would be a good idea specially for those simple walks outside when you don’t want to wear the usual slippers or flip flops.
5. Sports wear or athletic wear. These are very good for those “I’m just going over to my friend’s house” kind of trips. To put it simple: Clothes that you don’t mind taking a long walk in under the heat of the sun.
6. Casual shirts. I am more inclined towards this than T-shirts so I would be very biased to say that men just look better wearing polos or button down shirts. But this is still a staple and it’s a good investment to (at least) have a good pair.

I myself prefer to buy the long sleeved ones since they can be worn with short or long sleeves. Buying long sleeved shirts is like buying two types of shirts already.
7. Solid ties. Solid ties are the very plain ones and also the thick ones, not those skinny ties. It’s good to have a few in reserve.
8. Power ties. Unlike the solid tie, which goes pretty well in just about every event, this type of tie is worn to exude a level of confidence; a type of tie that tells everyone you’re sophisticated. These are the ones that have those intricate designs on them.
9. V-neck shirts. These work best in combination with a blazer (to replace that shirt & tie look) but it’s a good all-year-round-er type of shirt. They’re pretty cheap too.
10. V-neck sweaters. This provides the ultimate layer and middleman between a shirt and jacket. Even without the layering, this can also serve as one of those very versatile types of clothes a man can have.
One more item: Black tank tops. I think it’s just me but I just see that black tank tops suit us more than the white ones. Buy it plain or with design.

A good choice if you want to show off your body and how ripped you are. Otherwise just wear them since it just makes a man look better.
1. Suits. I know Filipino men can go their whole lives without a suit but I think it’s nice to have one if you’re really into that whole formal thing. If you’re interested in buying, a dark solid suit is the number one choice. Other good choices would be navy or gray.
2. Deconstructed suits. It’s a more relaxed version of “the suit”. Just take the blazer off and carry it over your shoulder or simply don’t bring the blazer at all.

3. Blazers. Blue or navy blue blazers never failed any men before but I just see black to be the overall winner. White blazers work very well with white pants. Tweeds can be substituted but I don’t recommend it with our climate here in the Philippines.
4. French Cuff Shirts. These shirts simply speak formality. Really great to have if you want to have variety when it comes to formal wear. Otherwise, this isn’t needed.
5. Tuxedos. The difference between a suit and a tux is that a tux has a lapel of the fabric satin. It gives an elegant and gentleman look to the man wearing it. But it’s not much of a staple as it is a luxury. Only buy this if you belong to the really rich class of people or you are cordially invited to an event which REQUIRES you to don one.


Now that you’ve seen my list, why don’t you do an inventory of what you have and see if my list checks with yours? Remember, a good fashion sense need not be expensive and doesn’t have to be trendy. No matter how much fashion changes, as long as you have the basics, you’ll always be prepared.

ALSO: Don’t forget the single most important thing: Confidence. A man is nothing without confidence. Wear it proud, man! 😀

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