The 9th Soul

Silvina Escudero: Takes Dirty Dancing to a Whole New Level

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on December 1, 2010

Okay so I was browsing a few updates and came across this couple in a Spanish dancing competition. The theme was of “Dirty Dancing” or at least that was what I thought they implied after they performed.

Just have a look at it. It’s only for 3 minutes. Oh yeah, it’s a bit R-15 in nature.


In case you can’t watch it where you’re browsing, it features this hot, sexy, Spanish woman (yeah, BEAUTIFUL SPANISH WOMEN = HOT AND SEXY IN ONE SENTENCE) who must’ve slept with her dance partner because their moves clearly showed (and by clearly I mean the show was live and DID NOT CENSOR any of it) the following:

1. Doggy Style

2. Petting

3. Genitalia touching

4. Breast exposure

5. Breast licking/fondling

It should produce a clean boner i.e. a hard on that was not intended in the first place which is the opposite of an intended boner/porn boner.

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