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Although I’m later than a day, Happy New Year anyway :P

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on January 2, 2011

With the holiday season over, things would get back to normal on a very fast pace. That means no more parties, lunch outs, expensive dinners, and excessive food and beverage consumption for the time being…for most of us normal human beings anyway.

HEALTH NEWS: I freaking gained 4 lbs this past week alone >.< but fret not! My nutritionist said it was due to my fat turning to lean muscle. I was actually excessively working out the past week and have been recently increasing my fluid intake so I guess what my nutritionist said is true. And yes, I am being an optimistic fatty! 🙂

I bought myself a cool treadmill just now. Nine months to pay on credit card with 0% interest. It’s cool since the original price was P40,000.00 but I got it for P31,000.00 because of the warehouse sale! Yipee! It’s my first workout equipment in the house. I can now “jog” within the confines of my house. I’m now only able to jog when the sun is almost up or will soon go down but thanks to this good investment, I can “jog” even at night; after working hours! I now have the ability to lose more weight (or gain it healthily since fat turns to lean muscles) and lose more inches in my waist line! ^_^

HOLIDAY SEASON INDULGENCE REPORT: I did not indulge at all for the first time in the entirety of my existence! I swore off rice and it’s cousin the bread 2 months ago and it’s been great.

I increased my vegetable and fruit intake (HELLO FRUIT MAGIC!), removed coffee from my diet (Take that, STARBUCKS!), and generally did not consume dinner save for special occasions that necessitate it like company dinners, parties, etc.

I also managed to enjoy my Christmas with my relatives which makes my Christmas a success! We also had this uber fun New Year’s Eve dinner and “January 1st” lunch and dinner with them. Good times! Oh yeah, I slept thru the fireworks since I wanted to start 2011 with my morning routine which consists of waking up at 5 in the morning and head out for my morning jog. It was a very foggy January 1st morning though, mainly because of the mixture of day old rain moisture and firework dust. It was breathable, though.

I traversed the newly opened C-6 highway on foot yesterday morning and this morning. I jogged my life there LOL It’s great that our village is so huge that you can go out the front gate and be in Pasig city or go out the other way and you have Taytay thus allowing short access to otherwise distant places if one were to take the usual route.

2011 PLANS: As I have mentioned earlier, I bought myself a treadmill so I’m planning on getting more in shape than out this year. I’ll be at my healthiest yet. I also plan on catching up with old friends from school and to see those I haven’t physically seen before i.e. forum friends from PEx.

I’ll also be learning how to drive professionally. I’ll get my student license and hopefully enroll in a driving school as well this month.

I’m planning on going to various locations I haven’t been before but that’ll be more on wishful thinking.

I plan on buying and reading more books this year. I also hope I get to watch more movies as well.

I want to expand my wardrobe! @_@ I need more clothes!

END NOTE: I finished 2010 well and I plan to start 2011 better than when I started 2010. Let’s all hope for the best! 🙂


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