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Friendster to shut down on May 31st

Posted in internet news by Fated Blue on April 30, 2011

Goodbye Friendster

Got this all from here

… it looks like Friendster won’t be so much about sharing with friends anymore. In a message to registered members (hat tip to @Mazi), the company is asking all users to install a custom application to export all their profile data, as most of it will be unequivocally deleted on May 31, 2011.

On May 31, Friendster will move to wipe out all photos, blogs, comments and groups uploaded or created by its users. The company will, however, keep all accounts alive, along with user friends lists, games details and basic profile information.

Friendster is making the changes under the guise of reinventing themselves as a service focused on “entertainment and fun” (which sounds exactlylike Myspace when they started feeling the Facebook heat for real):

Our improved site is designed to create new profiles that allow you to connect differently with people and do things differently than other networking sites. Basically, the new site will complement your existing online presence in other social networking sites.

Friendster the social network as we knew it will be no more by the end of next month.

Well, this kinda makes me sad. Friendster was my first ever social networking site back when I was still in high school (like 8 years ago). I can’t even find my old account anymore (I deleted my very first one but I made another one but I’m just too lazy to search for it).

You’ve been a good social networking site. It’s time to take a rest. R.I.P. Friendster.

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