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Potchi’s little sister is very ill

Posted in health, health defects, life by Fated Blue on July 22, 2011

It’s been almost exactly 4 months since my beloved Potchi went to her paradise. Patchi experienced loneliness after 1 month but went back to her normal self afterwards. I’m not sure what initiated her illness but it happened a few days before the house got finished being upgraded.

Since June 6, we’ve had 5-6 house builders working our home for improvements up until July 19 2011. Between starting and ending the project, Patchi would be in and out of the house and often inhale dust due to construction work. You see, she never really gets out too much. So when she does have a chance to run around, she freaking runs around like mad.

And she’d always go back by herself or when I actually want her to back. She’s not as hard-headed as Potchi was which made it very easy for me to let her run off to certain places. She wouldn’t go far, though. She’s not as brave and adventurous like Potchi was. No, she was like the Yin to Potchi’s Yang. But she’s easier to love that way, always obeying her master. And she would always sit up and have her left paw sticking out to make me shake her hand because she likes the much attention that way. And she’d always have that perpetual smile of hers like the pictures below

She'd ALWAYS do this when she feels like she can get a little pat in the head. I'll always be fond of remembering this particular thing about her. I know that much.

She'd always do this whenever she wants me and my bro to feel happy or when she wants to be petted. She did this after Potchi arrived from the vet. She must've felt how saddened I was by the news of Potchi's terminal illness.

So it just crushed me to see her in a similar state to Potchi’s. I’ve done research and did various checking with regards to her symptoms. Based on my internet scavenging, I THINK it’s a simple case of over-eating which led to Pancreatitis. I made her fast for 24 hours and made her drink (read: MADE as in I forced her because she wouldn’t do it herself) pancake syrup for glucose balance and salt + sugar water to maintain her electrolyte and blood sugar balance. I also made her drink dextrose water. I did all this with the help of a syringe (I removed the needle).

She’s still in her proper sense as far as sick dogs go. She just has a hard time walking due to her probably hurting lower abdomen. But I just can’t help but see the similarities between what my little Potchi had and her assumed illness.

I cried inside the shower half an hour ago. I prayed that if God wants Patchi to meet her sister in paradise, I prayed that God won’t make my Patchi suffer too long. I just can’t stand not knowing how much in pain my dog is in. I feel so helpless that I end up cursing myself for being a bad owner. And I sigh in the end. I made a promise to Potchi that I’ll do what it takes to take care of Patchi so I told myself, Potchi, and God, that I, no, we’ll never lose to this; that we’ll fight this through the very end.

Which is why I’m bringing her to the vet tomorrow morning. I’m crossing my fingers as I type hoping that it’s not something serious. And if it is, I only wish she would be in much less pain in a much shorter time. Heck, God can take her away this very instance if God wants it. Like the old saying goes “Your will, be done”.

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  2. […] conjunction with last night’s blog, my other beloved dog, Patchi, went to her sister’s paradise. I don’t really know what […]

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