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Book Review: Torment by Lauren Kate

Posted in Random by Fated Blue on August 7, 2011

This book is better than it’s predecessor by a starshot. Click to enlarge.                

So I gave the first book a pretty decent score despite my lack of patience when it came to reading Gothic chick-lits (sorry if anyone is offended by my terming this series).

In a nutshell, this book is far better than Fallen. It’s a well written sequel (well, better than the way Fallen was written anyway). More characters, more places, more adventures, and for guys like me: More fights and bad ass-ness.

Here’s my official review of the Fallen series’ 2nd installation: TORMENT.

Okay so what I really loved about this new book is that the setting is far more diverse than Fallen’s. I mean, you’re not stuck in some monochrome square and instead exploring vast colors of different shapes and sizes. From the school to the mountains, and they even went to Vegas!

Unlike the first book, the places here seem to be easier to remember since they are written in such a way that the reader will actually be interested in remembering those places. Places like the beach, the parks, the mountain side, the hills, etc. Who wouldn’t want to remember such sites? Fallen’s were like cemetery, school, church, cemetery, pool, dorm, and did I mention cemetery?

The book also introduces more than a handful of characters in this 2nd installment. The book starts out with the Nephilims, the children of angels with human blood. Luce’s life in this book will mostly revolve around Nephilims since, well, they’re her classmates.

Then comes two really powerful instructors. The former being a very beautiful and magnetic angel while the latter is a very devilishly handsome demon. How are they powerful? Well, for starters, they might as well be as old as the first angels who fought in the war. Here’s the catch: They’re lovers but both of them have sided against each other and both are willing to kill each other when the time comes, despite their feelings toward the other. And they trust that they will both honor their loyalties before their love. Talk about dilemma.

A new breed of enemies comes into light: The Outcasts. No, not the singing group but angels who fell but chose to stay neutral. These new characters show the readers how important it is to choose sides. Why? Well, these angels have NO ONE to serve and they are RIDICULED both by angels and demons. Their inability to choose makes them cowards, just waiting whose side will gain leverage and to merely be a parasite to the winning side. Because of this, they are blinded and forced to live the rest of their immortal lives looking for a way back up. Did I mention that they really look like sick people with very damaged wings? Yeah, because no one is willing to take them in but their own kin.

The fight scenes are something to see here. It’s more realistic and quite vivid if you ask me. There’s also (always) a bit of humor when fights are happening. And it’s here that the readers realize how powerful these angels and demons really are.

Speaking of power, the book also displays the many powers and abilities the characters have. Even Luce has her own share of unique abilities despite being human.

Now the book is not without flaws. This part here mainly consists of the way the sentences were written and how the author seemed to try a bit too hard to make use of “other” words besides what we are accustomed to. In fact, you might even find it hard to believe that the some of the characters are even remotely capable of blurting out certain words. I’m not sure if they were intentional or not but it’s a sign that an author is trying too hard to be unique and a bit elitist.

The book mainly covers the hardships that come with the reality of being an odd couple. It shows how men will always have their secrets despite their good intentions and women will always be on the curious side, always the one ending up with no definite answer as to why her boyfriend is acting the way he’s acting. This also covers the disillusionment that women often have with their beloved and how uncertain their love really is.

To wrap things up, this book explored continents what it’s predecessor did to an island. In terms of interest in reading it, the book does favorably better than Fallen. With lots of “more” added, the book maintains and perhaps further entices its audience to finish the series. And IMO, keeping the interest alive is what makes a series truly successful. But the most interesting chapter here is just before the book ends. It’s the most awesome fight scene yet. It’s quite epic if you ask me. It actually made me wish the chapter was longer and more vivid.

The next book is titled “Passion”. I already have the book with me but I might not read it yet. Why? Because Lauren Kate informed her fans that the next book (the last one; Rapture) is due spring next year, which is like too long for me to remember the details of Passion if I read it now. So expect Rick Riordan’s Last Olympian, together with the 3 other books I didn’t review yet, on my next book review blog.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

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