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Calculate your body fat!

Posted in health by Fated Blue on August 28, 2011

I was browsing the community when I asked myself “I wonder how much body fat should I have?” and voila!

It’s real easy! Clicks and typing should give you a tip on whether or not you have too much body fat. I got my old tape measure and calculated my body fat percentage. I got 18 – 23% when I did a +/- test as a range (minimum-maximum).

The site mentions important stuff about body fat and how the calculator is just a good estimate.

These methods are not as accurate as a water displacement test, but is usually within 1-3% for most people. If you have a very small waist, it will show a low value. On the other hand, if you carry all your extra weight around your middle, you may have an elevated percentage. Please note that having this extra weight in the middle is a high risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Men are typically lower in body fat percentage, averaging around 23%, with an ideal of about 15%. Highly fit athletes are between 5-10%. Remember these are guidelines; your physician should help you determine the ideal weight and body fat for you.

Here’s another website worth reading.

Conclusion: It’s a long way to go for me to reach at least 10% body fat and I’ll be most likely ripped then. Hopefully, I reach that before this year ends.

Oh well, a healthy body doesn’t necessarily mean a good looking body made for lovin’ LOL



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