The 9th Soul

Idiots like these two fuckers deserve to be hanged in PETA hell!

Posted in life by Fated Blue on October 3, 2011

I don’t normally blog stuff as frequent nowadays but when I come across certain important matters, I usually click my blogsite and post away.

For instance, I saw this image of fuckery in my Facebook wall.

I'll hang you in PETA hell even I I have to do it myself.

These fools think they won’t get any sort of vengeance from the animal they hanged (and the rest of the poor animals they’ve done damage to). In fact, they won’t even notice how their life will turn to shit since they’re pretty much drenched in it. The vendetta of the animals would be for fools like them to suffer in life; to be miserable and hated in the future; to not have anyone visit their graves.

I can’t believe it. And people ask me why I have a larger space for animals in my heart than I do for humanity. Animals are innocent and we depend on them. They don’t need us at all. We take them for granted just like we take the rest of nature, and the Earth itself.

Hate those who torture the innocent. Damn these fools to hell.

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