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R.I.P. Wang Yue: Apathy at its Ugliest

Posted in internet news, youtube shows by Fated Blue on October 22, 2011

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, I’m sure you’ve heard Gadhafi being captured, tortured, and then killed. Thus ending the 42 years of tyrant dominance in Libya.

But I’m not gonna blog about that right now. I’m sure you’ve all heard or read the same news over and over again. Instead, let me remind you of a much more grave situation the human civilization is currently being pulled into. Yes, this blog is about the little girl who got ran over twice and ignored in China.

Haven’t heard or seen the news yet? Watch below. But you have to be prepared for graphic scenes. Rather, be prepared to tolerate human apathy at its ugliest.

Now I’m sorry if my warning wasn’t enough to measure the level of cruelty you’ve just watched. Everyone who actually cared prayed for the little girl’s health. But sometimes God, or some other supreme being, knows better and decides to just take her in the arms of those who actually wouldn’t neglect her.



Be happy, wherever you are.

The people I actually blame are the parents of this child. Amidst China’s one-child policy, you’d think parents would actually care for their one and only child, right? Irresponsible parenthood, really. I’m now thinking this is a common thing in heavily populated areas (yes, areas; not just countries) and it’s really hard to accept such a thing to be the norm nowadays. Humans are so pathetic in these situations. We’ve evolved physiologically but we have let our own egos devolve our hearts toward each other.

It’s so sad. The hardest scene for me to watch was how the one stranger who actually tried to help her dragged her away. The child, as her bones and legs were probably crushed, seemed like a ragdoll. She was literally left to die.

It must’ve been hard for her, even as a child. She must’ve realized it too. I mean, the only people she knew would take care of her were suddenly not there. The fear she felt must’ve been so much.

I don’t know what to say anymore. Just rest in peace, little one. I’m sure you’ll find a better place to walk around wherever you are.

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  1. haha said, on November 1, 2011 at 2:20 am

    hoy bading!

    • Fated Blue said, on November 1, 2011 at 5:43 pm

      How sad. Insulting me here. Not only that, using the 3rd sex in a very condescending manner. You hate what you fear. So you fear gays? How manly of you.

      Also not feeling remorse whatsoever for this particular post.

      I don’t know what prompted you to say such a thing. But I am sure the child who died because of human apathy did not affect your mental or emotional state whatsoever.

      You make me sad. 😦 Particularly because you wrote this at a very untimely hour too.

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