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Posted in life by Fated Blue on December 3, 2011

Let me greet you guys a happy December first and foremost.

This is a sort of continuation of this post.

Okay, so here’s a little update from me on what’s been happening to my life. To be straightforward, I like someone at work. I don’t know why but my gut tells me I want to marry that girl if I could ever have the chance to date her.

It’s so fucking frustrating since she’s so near yet I feel so far from her. It’s one of those “she’s way up there and I’m a bottom feeder” type of thing. I mean, she’s very bright, very rich, very funny, and likes what guys like to do! You know, like play video games (one of the few girls I know who actually PLAYED Diablo!), and she listens to the FOO FIGHTERS! HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!

So I got her two spa voucher for Christmas. The thing is, though, I might have to give it weeks earlier since it expires on the 30th and I know, with emphasis on the word “know”, that she’ll fucking feel enraged once she finds out she would only have a few days to use it.

I’m really into her. I don’t know, it’s like the thing with…Grace. I mean, when you see this girl personally, you’ll notice how she doesn’t really possess any of what the media pertains to as “hot/sexy” but I fell for her anyway because of how amazing she is. Call me old fashioned but I prefer women who shine more on the inside than out.

And another fun fact: She has this part of her name which begins with an “A” and a name that counts to 6 letters, much like EVERY WOMAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH. I don’t know why but she’s the 4th woman who made me think twice of my life and I’m not kidding: I barely think twice on whatever it is I do.

So this girl, she’s really just awesome. I don’t know what to do. And as always, except for blackmage9 (since blackmage9 and I are still good friends), she hates me already. Damn. I guess I just can’t stop myself from being the annoying little fuck I become once I’m interested in a woman.

I don’t have the guts to give the vouchers to her personally. I’ll just have to slip it inside her drawer or on top of her desk or something with a letter attached. The contents of the letter? I have no idea on what it will end up as but I’ll just write something about me apologizing for my immaturity and behavior and how I think she’s just so awesome.

And no. NO FUCKING CONFESSION. Why? Because I know she has not the time for such trifling matters. She’s very career oriented and that’s how a woman should be, IMO. And besides, she hailed from a very prominent school and she had classmates and friends that, perhaps, were also very prominent in their own ways (maybe up to her level at the very least), I’m pretty sure her heart has already decided on someone.

I don’t know how long before she actually tells me to fuck off but until then…I’ll just be here, watching her grow like a bud that naturally becomes a beautiful flower. Whether she would show her thorns when I try to get close, I wouldn’t mind the excruciating pain.

She’s just so awesome that way.

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