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Something about me

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on December 28, 2011

Some things you kinda need to know about me:

I’m quite not aligned with the usual social conformity 95% of the world has often opted to do.

Like for example, whenever I have spare time (from work, sleeping, hanging out with friends, going to conventions/seminars, etc.), I don’t really watch too much TV (save for NGC, Discovery channel, CNN, BBC, some TV drama like HOUSE, Criminal minds, HBO, Starmovies, etc.) so it goes to show that I don’t really follow most popular TV series nowadays (and no, I won’t follow local for some reason you people might deem elitist if I wrote it here).

I mean, I get like 4 hours of TV a week and that happens on weekends when I simply want to lie in bed and flip a few channels.

So in my spare time, I’d rather be doing one of the things below:

1. Surf the web*
2. Read books
3. Exercise
4. Play video games
5. Fantasize what it would be like to date that certain someone you’ve been dying to ask out but couldn’t due to certain imperfections that I really have to iron out so as to not come out like a total loser and be friendzoned simply because she’s worth the effort of a Russian which amounts to 140%.*

*5 and 1 are interchangeable

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