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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes – A Game Of Shadows

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on January 14, 2012

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This movie, in a nutshell, was just genius. I watched this just a few hours ago and I can’t wait to watch it again on my computer! My review (and sadly, spoilers) below.


Okay, so the first film was awesome too. I first had a problem with Downey Jr.’s accent being too good but this movie made it easier for people like me to grasp his witty lines. Thanks for making it easier! 😀

There’ll be spoilers up ahead because I simply cannot contain myself for the frustrations they made me have during the first 10 minutes of the film! I’ll blank it out, as usual, so you can just skip to the summary at the very bottom.


The one thing that will always nag at me would be the fact that they killed Irene Adler in this film! NOOOO!!! And they made it twice as painful for me because I’m a Rachel McAdams fan for chrissake! Moriarty, Y U SO EVIL! I was so happy to see her the that I thought “OH YEAH! TEAMING UP WITH ‘THE WOMAN‘!”

Halfway through the film, I had hope she’d somehow survived the murder but when I saw how Moriarty confirmed her death…T_T

But a death is not without use. It thoroughly gave the audience that, even if Sherlock was usually oblivious to human feelings, he is still human and that even a great mind has a heart that needs to love and be loved. Such was the case when Moriarty told Holmes how he got rid of Adler, Holmes was simply at a loss for words. Yes. Sherlock Holmes was just speechless and you can see the shock and the sadness and the anger all happening inside his head. And yes, all those emotions he never thought he’d have use for suddenly found their way into his well-guarded mind. 

The film also shows us how Watson’s wedding also affected Holmes in an unexpected manner. I mean, Holmes already lost a lover, he now believes he’ll be losing a partner which is most likely the only true friend he ever had (left). 

I loved the fact that this film introduced Mycroft. And, because I read the novels, I immediately recognized his attitude and how Watson stated “Diogenes” which immediately made a light bulb spark in my brain which automatically made me blurt out “Mycroft!”. I sure hope the people beside me didn’t mind that. I could only wish he had more parts to play with regards to supporting Holmes in cases where Holmes can’t be in two places at once (trust me, he can do that).

Professor Moriarty. Yes, Holmes’ true nemesis. If Holmes is the light that shows the path to the truth then Moriarty is the shadow that obscures everything from view. I particularly loved scenes where Sherlock and Moriarty would have their dialogues. When Moriarty revealed himself, I immediately thought “this movie is gonna be awesome”.


You gotta hand it to the producers for this one. It’s similar to other action-comedy films but with more tact.

Witty dialogue paired with awesome action scenes is always a good mix in a movie. But it’s the unusual comedy that gets the good grades in films.

I specially love the scene where Watson is to be married to Mary Morstan but the night before was simply more than enough to get the pair wasted that hilarity ensues upon their arrival on where the wedding would take place.

This part, though, also showed how Holmes is both happy and sad about this. Happy because Watson got what he wanted and sad because he knew he’ll be losing a best friend.


The story is very fun to watch unravel but you’ll find reviews that stated the first film’s story was a whole lot better. Hmmm, I guess the first film can be considered a lot better because it really gave us the impression that Sherlock Holmes was no ordinary detective. In this film, I think the producers wanted more action scenes so it can’t be helped if they had a hard time mixing the essence of this both being a true detective film and action flick. 

I really liked it, though. I just thought the character development was a bit lacking in some of the new casts. Then again, if you’re going to double in action, you gotta reduce something.

Once you watch it, and if you’ve read the novels, you’ll realize in the end that it greatly resembles the last story. I haven’t read that part yet but I knew from the wiki entries that the final fight between Moriarty and Holmes will take place near a waterfall. So I was like “WHAT?! Only one sequel!” but then again, I thought if this film was the end, I wouldn’t really mind because the film was just pure genius.

One particular thing I loved about the film was that it wasn’t just Holmes and Watson doing all the work this time. I appreciate the extra effort in this. Thumbs up!

Overall: 8.5/10

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows is a breath of fresh air from the same movie genres we see in trailers nowadays (heroes, zombies, aliens, end of the world, monsters). We need a factual fictional superhero and Sherlock Holmes is simply that.

 If only some of the characters were more developed in the story, I’d give it a 10. 


The ending was just too good 🙂 You really have to give it to the producers for the ending. 10/10 for that 🙂

I can’t wait for part 3!


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