The 9th Soul

For that one woman I’m still searching for…

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on February 25, 2012

To the girl who’s meant for me:

I just want you to know I’m still looking for you.

There were times that I thought I did find you only to be betrayed

by my incessant need to express how my heart beats so badly;

to show someone my soul’s yearning for thee.

I may have seen you, I may have ignored you, we may have met

or we simply could’ve passed each other by.

But I know that one day we’ll meet and it’ll be for an eternity.

I won’t stop looking.

Although I considered the fact that one lifetime may not suffice, this will not stop me.

I’ll count ages, generations, millenia just to find you.

Fret not for time will come and when it does, I’ll have it that you will feel love

like you’ve never felt it before.

I will show you the true potential of the human heart;

to let one’s senses feel the ultimate force of humanity.

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