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Book Review: P.S. by Helen Schulman

Posted in life by Fated Blue on April 11, 2012

A lovely book written with such angst I wonder as to why it doesn't attract more readers

This is such a delayed review. I bought this book like 3 months ago and I just finished it 3 weeks prior. The work and the innumerable distractions around me were simply too much to ignore. In any case, I’m glad I finished this book.

I’m gonna get straight to the point:

I recommend this book for those in their late teens or early to late 20’s. It’s like a wake-up call to those who think love is what you normally see in cartoons or read about in romance novels.

The way the author wrote this was simply amazing. I praise her for being so nonchalant. To not deprive the reader of what the author truly feels when writing her novel is such a noble gift.

The story revolves around a successful woman’s dilemma about whether she should confront the present or relive the past. A man she thought she lost forever suddenly makes an appearance in her life. But it’s not really him; as if a reincarnation or simply God’s joke, he comes knocking on her life’s doorstep and just mixes and tumbles everything that was otherwise organized in her life. The life she thought she finally figured out, and escaped from, haunts her, and she now remembers the man he lost, the very man she knows she could’ve loved forever.

The prevailing aspect of the book, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is the way the author wrote it. The way she did it made it really exciting to see what the next page would tell me. It isn’t fast-paced or superfluous at all. It was enough in a sense that the reader won’t be asking for more. It’s quite vulgar but that’s the flavor that enhances the stories found in books like these; to not withhold the reader’s right to have a dirty imagination, to not deprive them of their desire to be bad at certain times.

The story would teach you mainly about moving on. When she meets the man she thought was gone, she instantly (and with such a struggle) tries to relive the past as if the very man she now sees is the man in her past. As you read further, you’ll see why she’s also blaming herself for his death and how she thought she was given a second chance at life. But to think that this young man is the second chance all the more ruined her otherwise peaceful life (Well, almost; It got better in the end).

It is not without at least one flaw, however. I like to think that the author should’ve made her chapters a bit shorter. I’m not one to complain but since I mostly read in the office, I prefer to finish the chapters before I get to work and I can’t exactly speed-read and comprehend what my eyes are skimming through at the same time.

Here is my favorite quote from the book:

He was dead as a doornail. He was over. No postscript to this letter.

To end this rather short, since I’m without proper time (I did this at work), I’ll give this book:


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