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The Next Galaxy! Samsung announces it’s most powerful warrior yet!

Posted in internet news, technology by Fated Blue on April 28, 2012

I saw this on PEX and the whole trailer was just cool:

Samsung Galaxy S3: Exynos 4 Quad Chip Promises a Speed Demon

For the first time, Samsung has provided some information about what its upcoming flagship device – Galaxy S3 – is going to boast. Samsung has rolled out its new speed demon – the Exynos 4 Quad processor chip – that the company has confirmed will power its next Galaxy smartphone scheduled for launch on May 3.

The new chip is designed to give a superior performance and power efficiency. Folks at Samsung claim that the Exynos 4 Quad processor will support clock speeds higher than 1.4 GHz. This statement also coincides with the rumored spec that Galaxy S3 will support quad-core 1.5 GHz Exynos processor.

Thanks to the 32 nanometer manufacturing process, the new silicon will save 20 percent more power than its predecessor (45-nanometer). For more power saving, it will have option to turn off each core whenever not required.

Here’s the official site!

I’m gonna save up to buy this for my birthday! 😀

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