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Movie Review: The Avengers 2012

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on April 29, 2012

I had my doubts about this movie being awesome since most movies with a plethora of Hollywood stars don’t usually mix together. That didn’t escape this movie but it wasn’t really an issue since the whole story made up for it (and whopping 2.5 hours to boot!).

I’m not gonna go around and proclaim stuff I have no idea about. So let me just get this out of the way: I’m no fan of comics, Marvel or DC. It should go without saying that I am simply a guy that likes to watch superhero movies with all the action, SFX, CGI, and all the crazy powers I can only dream of having.

Despite my skipping “Thor” and “Captain America”, this movie was always in my movies-to-watch-before-the-world-ends-on-December-12-2012 list. I don’t exactly know why but it must be the fact that I enjoyed watching Robert Downey Jr.’s movies so much and I’m not just pertaining to his Iron Man movies. Plus, Scarlett Johansson is there and I really like her character as much as I like watching her act that character out. Nothing like a sexy assassin to boost up movie ratings.

It could be the curiosity of just how could ordinary people with abilities enhanced by mere mortal technology fight on par with gods. But as the movie progressed, it would appear that the gods of the Marvel universe aren’t really capable of displaying god-like omnipotency, save for a few select characters you’ll find in this link.

I’m not sure as how far the Marvel franchise is willing to go with this movie. The Marvel universe is simply too big even if you did isolate the franchise on the “Avengers” type of story line. But for starters, this movie was a good opening.

The movie, as mentioned earlier, covered around 2.5 hours of my life and that’s 2.5 hours worth of time which I could be doing something else, say, reading a book. Hey, I love books so fuck off.

Onward, so was it worth the 2.5 hours? In a nutshell, yes. But to what extent? Well, to begin with, the movie did well on the “getting to know” part of the movie, as with it’s predecessors. I liked that the movie didn’t really skip out on that part. I know people who thought it dragged the movie a bit too unnecessarily but that’s their preference. When I read my books, I like to know the story of the main characters. Since, well obviously, they’ll be in the story for quite a while so why not get to know them a bit better, right?

After the “know your heroes” phase, the movie picks up on the whole “we’re supposed to work as a team” theme when someone I really liked in previous movies DIED. I’m not saying who but damn it, I liked that character! Tony Stark did well to “AVENGE” that character’s death simply because that character was worth it. You see that? That’s how the franchise was succeeded in making its characters lovable. And when they kill someone off, it’ll break the viewer’s heart like dropping your grandmother’s favorite WWII vase on the concrete floor.

Click to enlarge

About the plot, the main villain, as you’ll get to know, though a god of legend, isn’t really that god-like at all. I guess in the Marvel universe, you can be a god if you possess powers that has yet to be matched. Being a god in this universe also does not imply divinity i.e. absoluteness in all aspect. Their villain, Loki, although a god, can only be considered as a superior being if we can base it all in his powers and abilities compared to the villains and heroes in the Marvel universe. Heck, I think he can be matched by the Hulk and the green guy ain’t no god.

With that said, when I watched this, I totally set my standards low. Had I not done my Marvel homework, I’d be greatly disappointed on how weak a god was and that would’ve changed my opinion on the movie. Still, for a starting boss, Marvel did well specially for the script Loki had. I mean, Loki was funny on his own. But he was funniest when the Hulk did some smashing on him. SPOILER VIDEO BELOW:

Also, another god gets smashed

The action is not lacking. The movie always had very enjoyable fight scenes and even that slight “all hope is lost” part which the audience can actually sympathize with. I mean, imagine hordes of laser-firing enemies raining down on the very angry Hulk, rendering him outnumbered and (dare I say?) out-powered. The look on his face that shows just how tired he was of fighting too many enemies can put a tear on your face if you’re sensitive enough.

How about the ending? Well, it was alright in a sense that you want to watch the sequel. It’s no cliffhanger and I honestly think the movie could’ve been a one time thing had it not for the secret ending/scene just before or after the credits the Marvel movie franchise have always shown. The only disappointing part here is that the movie seems to put Tony Starks as the “main hero” even though the Avengers are a team of “main heroes”. If I were to choose the “main hero” for the movie, it would be Captain America. His leadership and charismatic dominance was always displayed since the start of the film. I’m not really complaining on my new favorite actor playing the “main”. I mean, I’m not really sure if it’s due to Tony’s character of always being the center of attention of which he always seems to be the “main”. Cut me some slack.

RATING: 10/10

Yes. A perfect fucking 10. I’d forget this movie in a few days but what counts is the feeling while you watch this. I think I can count the number of times I blinked while watching this if I could. Although I really wish they hadn’t killed that character off. Still, as Fury said, the team needed a push. I can’t wait for them to actually scream


Let me end this with an awesome wallpaper I found on the net, courtesy of this site.


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  1. the clumsy idiot said, on April 30, 2012 at 7:39 am

    I loved the Idea of giving more exposure to the Hulk and Captain America. Jeremy Renner was a good pick as Hawkeye. He just oozes coolness! Didn’t like the Black Widow character. She seemed out of place and I wish they could’ve gotten a different actress to portray here. Good movie though! Enjoyed it a lot!

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