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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on July 22, 2012

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Let me first start this off by saying I had the highest of highest expectations for this movie since The Dark Knight. I really thought TDK (which what I’ll abbreviate the 2nd film from now on) was the best of the franchise and will be hard to top but this film proved me wrong.

To be honest, I really would’ve preferred the Joker in the last film but alas we can’t have everything we want. Still, TDKR (the 3rd movie from now on) is no push over. In fact, I’ll go as far and say TDKR is on a completely different level than the first two films. It is definitely larger and at the pedestal of legends in movie franchise history.

I won’t really spoil you guys but I’ll be dropping a few bombs along the way so read at your own risk. With that settled, let’s begin my review of The Dark Knight Rises.

First off: How does it compare to TDK? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t. To put it simply, TDK explored the darkness of being human, on how even the most righteous can become evil, while this film simply explores the desire of a few to take away the hope, the very essence of living, from humanity. In many ways, you can say TDK was the darkest of the trilogy since it mainly focused on the violence that is happening inside every one of us in contrast to TDKR which explores deception and a show of what will happen if power if given to the wrong hands. With this said, I won’t compare it with TDK since it’ll be akin to comparing a PC with a Mac. And we all know how those arguments go and end up as.

In terms of violence, TDKR is full of it. The movie implies what simple and overpowering brute force can do, coupled with the most evil intentions and an ample amount of resources, can do. The film literally needed a whole city to reach it’s climax. Right near the end, I had goosebumps when I saw the Gotham police run towards the free prisoners as they get stormed at by bullets and they still march on, willing to protect their city and its people. The will to protect the ones they love is more important than the bullets that could kill them. This scene was simply epic.

But what about the plot? TDKR, in my opinion, was all about embracing life, not giving up hope, and fearing death. Fear death not because you don’t want to die but to fear dying without at least trying to do something about it. The central theme was hope. Hope in the justice that will prevail and hope for the strength and heart of humanity. The hope which enables even the weakest and most feeble of men to stand up to the evil which suppresses them, knowing that as they stand together, they will be a force to be reckoned with.


How about the villain? Who was the better nemesis? The Joker or Bane? The answer, for me at least, will always be Joker. Seriously. The Joker didn’t have to use so much fire power or that much minions. All he had to do was play the Batman. I’m pretty sure Bane and Joker would’ve killed each other in this film seeing that the Joker prefers emotional, mental, and psychological terror than Bane who prefers use of brute force. The Joker was one fucked up villain I really hoped to see by the end of the franchise. Alas, we have to respect Mr. Ledger so let’s leave it as it is.

On the cast, I really loved Anne Hathaway for this film. Apart from the obvious reasons why, she simply looks great in a form fitting suit. And I really like the way she rides the bike. She reminded me of the Avenger’s Black Widow specially when it came to the body and the fighting style. Not so much focus on Bale for me but I did like it when near the end, he was really trapped and expressed his frustrations on not being able to do anything about it. The sense of hopelessness and outright anger is strong but apart from that? Well, he did it better in TDK. Bane, I liked his character. And yes, I also share the same inaudible rants we all thought ended in TDK but as Tom Hardy, the one who played Bane, said and I quote:

“It’s a risk, because we could be laughed at – or it could be very fresh and exciting,” Hardy chimes in, adding that he created the voice from “a desire to honor the comic book character’s brains and Caribbean heritage.”

“The audience mustn’t be too concerned about the mumbly voice. As the film progresses, I think you’ll be able to tune to its setting,” 

Oh and before I forget, while watching the film, I sort of got this idea that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Robin. I mean seriously, the way he acts and the things he does is simply Robin-esque. And lo and behold, his real name in the film? Robin John Blake. And near the end of the film, we see him inheriting the Bat Cave. I’m not gonna cross my fingers for this one but people seem to hope for a Robin sort of trilogy or whatever.

The film wants us to learn to never give up the fight against evil even if that evil seems to surround us and terrorize us not only from the outside but from the inside. And that hope is the very light humanity needs to guide them in the depths and the darkness of their own hearts. My over all rating of the film? 10/10. The ending of film was VERY good. I’m not gonna spoil it but it seriously made my jaw drop. You really have to watch it.

Some banners from the official TDKR Facebook page.

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