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So I’ve gotten into oDesk…

Posted in life by Fated Blue on March 10, 2013

Here’s the link

Quite frankly, I’m enjoying this oDesk thing. It’s a freelance website for those who want to make an easy buck or two. I’m currently doing article rewrites and whatnot. It’s more on a good sideline and perhaps a chance to actually be with a group who’s willing to take the whole freelancing thing as a profession rather than just a hobby. The fun thing here is that I get to research stuff I normally wouldn’t give a shit about.

I’ve also done research on this more popular and “safer” (in terms of payments) freelance site called Elance. Every review states that this one is better. I know I should’ve started with this one but I was enticed by my friend Celestine to be an oDesk-er so here I am, oDesk-ing. Truth be told I don’t give a fuck whether the other site is better simply because I haven’t gotten to be in a serious thing here yet. I’ll think about it; in fact I’ll make an account just in case.

The pay’s not that high but it’s more on what I like doing that matters which is writing and research. Better than my current job, that’s for sure. Speaking of my other job, I’ve applied in other companies and I’m literally WISHING they’d read it already. I need to get out of this company specifically because of my lazy bosses. I mean seriously, they bark out orders like rabid dobermans and they ask for it like they commanded it weeks ago. It literally makes your blood boil. And yes, they’re lazy because they cheat the company off of their working hours. They do that by coming late, leaving early and they’ll just approve some paper that they came and left on time. Not to mention those days where they’ll just go to some random place and “work” with cakes and coffee with added hahas and hehes.

I’ve begun my rebellion by writing a little letter or two against them and the letters are directed towards the two bigwigs in the office AND the company. I’ll make sure I ruin them before they ruin me.

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  1. My Life So Far… | The 9th Soul said, on October 29, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    […] and get it pretty hard. I’ve also gotten interested in filling up my online work portfolio in oDesk. That means a lot more money for writing stuff. Maybe my investments would be diversified after […]

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