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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on April 27, 2013

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Iron Man 3 is the third and rumored final installment in the famous Iron Man saga. I watched this film out of just wanting to watch something to remove the stress of having a lousy boss at work. I really had my highest expectations about this film and, in a nutshell, it sort of not delivered it the way I preferred but it delivered something nonetheless.

The movie focuses on a post-Avengers world wherein Tony Stark is now a widely regarded galactic superhero where his merit in escaping the wormhole was his most highly known act in the battle for New York City. But unbeknownst the crowd, he secretly finds it hardly worthy of memory. Tony Stark, the filthy rich, arrogant bachelor of STARK Industries, suffers from severe anxiety as an after effect of his escape from the wormhole since it is to be remembered that he kinda died there.

His enemy, as shown in the trailers, is the Mandarin. Now I’m not into spoilers here but I was really disappointed with the film’s character development for the Mandarin. And I really didn’t like the other enemy here (clue: he was good in Memento) since I find him too weak and too non-human to be an enemy of the Iron Man film series. It may be just me. It may be not. But I really didn’t like the whole conspiracy thing that went on with regards to the film’s villains.

The movie mainly focuses on Tony Stark as Tony Stark and not so much as Iron Man. When you watch it, you might end up reminiscing about MacGyver, Mission Impossible, and James Bond at the same time. There was a purpose in doing this, I know, but as a fan of how the franchise developed, I can’t help but feel as if it disappointed my inner geek. It satisfied my craving for a new direction in the franchise but I wanted, no, needed more fanservice. Sure, they made up for it with him showing his whole team of suits in one battlefield but they simply weren’t enough.

Not to mention that the film has leaned towards a more romantic plot than heroic which isn’t normally a bad thing but it is. Because this is Iron Man and not some hopeless romantic’s story of honor, bravery, and getting the girl. Due to this plot, the whole film sort of gotten predictable and certain deaths were expected to NOT happen which came out as me being right.

It’s also a shame about how the ending after the ending came out. I expected a bit more from it but I guess the funniest thing we still have from the after-credits Marvel movies is the one where the Avengers were eating shawarma. And that didn’t require much to do.

I won’t be mean though I sound like it. I wasn’t really disappointed yet I seemed to write like it. Perhaps one big part of me wasn’t so satisfied which I’d like to think is the geeky part.

Overall rating: 7/10

The movie couldn’t have been better and that’s the sad part; it was not so good that it can never be better. But it’s still worth a watch if it’s a finale you are waiting for.

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