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Book Review: A Song of Ice and Fire

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 12, 2013

I started reading this series late last year. The only valid reason I hadn’t finished this earlier was due to my career life and the numerous distractions that went along with it. I’m not gonna spoil anything as I am an advocate of spoiler-free reviews. I’ll simply tell you directly what I want you to know. But to summarize, the books on the left are the five of seven planned books and I’m raring to read the sixth and seventh already. In a nutshell: If you want something new to read, a series that has one incredible scriptwriter of an author, a series that doesn’t start and end with cliches, and a series that gives you goosebumps throughout the story line then this series is for you.

What’s the book about? It’s about conquest, plot, intrigue, murder, ambition, lust, and the occasional battle between good and evil. The series boasts of intelligent script writing and different sets of characters with their own different sets of attitude. It has royalty, swords and knights, alchemists, mages, priests, rebels, thieves, pirates, outlaws, monsters and other abominations, and dragons.

But here’s the twist: Good doesn’t always win in this series. If anything, good is trampled on by evil more times than I could remember. As I finished book one, I couldn’t help but feel that the author is pretty crazy for killing main characters. Truth be told there were a lot of times where I really wanted to kill some of the books characters for killing my favorites. Specially in book three but I’m not gonna spoil it. It’s a disastrous book but I assure you that the author has planned everything right from the start and with death comes life. A fallen friend is somehow balanced with an entirely new character to uphold honor and justice by his or her own definition.

I want to emphasize again: Good guys often die in this book. It would almost always seem like evil is always triumphant. It’s this particular trait that has kept this book gaining more and more fans due to the countless twists and turns the plot takes. You can almost feel the evil in the very words uttered by some of the ugliest characters in this book and it’s mostly more than enough to despise them. It’s the same with the good guys too. It’s just sad how everyone who tries to do it the right way is condemned to death or is on the losing side of a battle. But fret not; karma’s a bitch. The author wants us to know that although the good characters die, in some bizarre twist of fate, their deaths would somehow echo revenge through the fates of the evil ones and it is quite an indirect approach too.

Like if good guy A is beheaded by bad guy B, bad guy B’s actions will provoke the otherwise dormant and neutral characters to take sides with good guy A’s intentions. And sometimes even bad guy B’s own evil friends turn their backs on each other with some becoming suddenly good. It’s these types of twists that I truly enjoy particularly in some of the rather very intelligent characters that is neither good or evil but are simply ambitious. True enough, they can sometimes do good things for bad causes or bad things for good causes. It’s a queer test of moral character for everyone who’ve already read or is currently reading the series. The reader would often find him or herself siding with good although one of his or her favorite characters is with the bad guys.

It’s a very complicated plot but somehow the author was able to present it in such a manner that everything is easily, rather, capable of being understood. The way the author wrote the series is like giving the reader pieces of a big puzzle and the author left it to the reader on where he or she would place that piece. But with the skills of a good writer, the reader is able to place the piece in its proper place. Yet it will only be the proper place for the reader, not the author. And that’s how this series has plagued many fans’ brains and imaginations not to mention the numerous forums talking about possible plots, intentions, and what will happen in the end or how things really happened. The author was able to show everyone what the picture is without telling them what the picture is about nor its underlying meaning.

It is with the many reasons above that makes this series worth a good amount of your reading time. This has so far been a great series for me to feast my eyes on. Had I not realized how the author wanted the readers to read his books, I would’ve said that some parts were too long or too much cliffhangers. I would have even went as far to say that some characters were boring. Alas, after reading the first five books, I ended up saving myself from humiliation.

I’ll rate this series a 10/10

And now, a wallpaper for you guys. It’s not mine but it’s awesome enough to share.

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