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Yo! Elliot

Posted in health, youtube shows by Fated Blue on May 13, 2013

I”m gonna write about a guy I recently found on Youtube while browsing for KB exercises and tips. I have my own already but it never hurts to watch how others do it and maybe brood on whether my form is still good.

Below is a video which he explains that KB exercises are more cardio than muscle building

Now he does have a point on you can’t build a body like Arny has. But if you’re simply aiming on building a body like, say, Ryan Reynolds, then KBs have potential. Kettlebells are the perfect tools for burning fat, enhancing endurance, and building muscle. It just has to be on the type of exercise you do and of course, the weight. But don’t forget you can do doubles and with doubles you get twice the benefits. But hands down on muscle building, the barbell takes it. But everything else? I’ll smack a kettlebell on Elliot’s face for it.

Now below are a couple of videos I will recommend to everyone. Elliot’s cussing is annoying but it drives the point of the knife through and through. If you need inspiration, watch the videos below.

My only comment is that in doing exercises slow, you build muscle. In doing them fast, you burn fat and build endurance.

This one I really liked watching. It’s funny too.

This one speaks the truth on why we exercise LOL.

He explains my point in whey protein.

And lastly, why water is important.

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