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The Super Vegetable: BROCCOLI

Posted in food, health by Fated Blue on July 14, 2013


When one hears the word “vegetables”, the usual thing that comes to mind are these green, leafy plants that just don’t taste good enough. True enough, vegetables are those things that most people don’t like to eat. Some of the reasons are that they taste bad and they’re not meat. But those that do eat vegetables aren’t exactly eating them just because of the health benefits but also because some can get pretty good if you know which to eat and how to eat them.

Vegetables can be part of the appetizer, side dish, or the main course. Some cuisines even have vegetables in a form of dessert. It is due to their culinary flexibility that they are able to achieve this. However, only a few select vegetables can be an all around cooking ingredient but it is still a fact that vegetables are normally good for everyone.

Of course when you speak of vegetables you don’t exactly think of them for their taste but for the many benefits they give us upon consumption. And one such vegetable is considered a giant among others. It’s packed with lots of stuff yet is hated by many children and adults alike. It’s one of the best vegetables ever: The amazing broccoli.

The broccoli has been around for centuries and has been known to for its popular health benefits specially in its potential to prevent multiple cancers. This amazing plant has been popularized through various dishes which include salads and certain juices.

Broccolis have also proven to be an effective inclusion in a weight loss diet. It has high amounts of fiber which promote longer lasting satiety and cleaner digestion.

This article will seek to enhance the knowledge about this super food as well as to entice the majority in its consumption. It will also discuss its many benefits and history as well as why it is one of the most important vegetables to have ever existed.


My Favorite Fruit: The AVOCADO!

Posted in food, health by Fated Blue on July 6, 2013


The foods we eat are what one of the things that make us who we are as a person. The foods we eat define not just our individual preferences but mainly our state of health. The foods we eat determine our internal well being. It is for this instance that we should not deviate from the standards of a healthy and happy life.

People nowadays find it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is so busy. Everyone is always in a hurry. Fast-food becomes real food. A healthy life is suddenly a luxury. But who said a healthy life is expensive? Let me show you one fruit that has been underestimated in its health benefits. That fruit’s name is the Avocado.

It is rich and creamy but very healthy for you. If you are not yet familiar or have yet to acquire the longing for the avocado, then let this article enlighten you. You’ll find out that the avocado’s buttery taste is not all its lending to dips and salads. After this article you would then realize how amazing this simple-looking fruit really is.