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My workout scheme for the past month

Posted in health by Fated Blue on August 10, 2013

I’ve been using kettlebells and bodyweight exercises for more than a year now and I can safely say I’ve developed some sort of an expertise when it came to making a good workout schedule. I mostly do my workouts one hour before I eat breakfast. And yes, I prefer a fasted state above any time of exercise. So I usually count at least 4 hours after my last meal before working out. It just so happens that I usually sleep for about 6-6.5 hours so I actually have more than enough fasting time to do this in the morning.

My mornings start off with drinking 4-5 glasses of water with a teaspoon of psyllium husk and one capsule of ConZACE (A vitamin with zinc, A, C, and E). I then let the water circulate around my body for about 10 minutes (I mostly browse Facebook while waiting). After 10 minutes, I warm up with the following:

3-4 jumping jacks

Arm and shoulder stretching

5 squats

10 Hindu Push-ups

After this I quickly set up the timer which is always set to 20 minutes but I often go over this or a few minutes off. This totally depends on the type of routine I did or the rest time I use up.

Here is my current routine


Rest day

T,Th, Sat 

10 single arm KB swing (10 per arm)

10 KB Squats

10 Hindu Push-ups

Repeat at least 4 times.

Top it off with 20 Two-handed swings and 10 Hindu Push-ups

W, F, Sun

10 Two handed swings

4 renegade rows (4 per arm, increase as desired)

40-50 seconds Farmers walk (increase as desired)

10 Hindu Push-ups

Repeat at least 4 times

Top it off with one more set or 20 Two-handed swings and 10 Hindu Push-ups

I usually complete all of this within the 18-22 minute time frame. Also, you can opt to have two rest days if you really got beat. This is just my ideal schedule. During Saturdays, I usually workout in the afternoon because we all have to sleep late during Fridays, right? 🙂

PS: This is why I prefer Hindu Push-ups over ordinary push-ups or even the Dive Bomber.

Although the dive-bomber is a great way to do pushups, it is lacking because:

a. You don’t get as much back bend. This means you will not improve flexibility with this style of pushup.

b. Your shoulders do not go through the same range of motion. Again, this results in less flexiblity improvement. And, it also results in less overall development of the shoulder muscles.

c. Last of all, because the range of motion of the dive bomber is limited, there is far less benefit to the body’s internal organs as well as less in the way of heightened mental strength and development. When you perform Hindu pushups correctly, just like the downward and upward dog poses from Yoga, you open up the body’s channels and meridians to receive more life force.

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