The 9th Soul

Living by the Book

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on August 17, 2013

North Atlanta Kettlebell

Casanatense Library, Rome, ItalyWhether you can do all of the pushups, some of the pushups, or none of the pushups, death seems a likely conclusion to most of our stories. We’ve now turned to the last page of the book, read the last line, and have some hazy premonition of how this all ends, but that doesn’t stop us from reading the rest of the book. The plot is sometimes hilarious, and we couldn’t make these characters up if we tried. Some chapters could use some reworking, re-editing, or removal, but for the most part, our story is pretty solid. We like it. It’s not just ours, it’s us.

These characters share a certain peculiarity . . . they just keep doing things. That’s funny because we know something they don’t . . . they all die. Maybe not in this chapter, hopefully not in the next, but we know it’s gonna happen…

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