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My Life’s Mona Lisa

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on August 21, 2013

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I’ve been remembering some of my dreams recently. And the two posted below are too near to not post. I’ve had similar dreams of this girl or that girl before but not in this kind of frequency. I felt them as worth noting.

I’m a person that believes in interpreting dreams. Although not all dreams should be interpreted but there are those kind of dreams that seem to send a message. Perhaps a message that we already know yet refuse to entertain due to the many conscious efforts and distractions we do and have every day. I believe that in dreams, our true self is alive and awake. I believe that in dreams, our deepest wants and desires as well as the answers and reasons we all need are shown to us by our subconscious.

And I’m the type of person who would romanticize anything I can romanticize.

Date of dream: August 14-15 from 2230 to 0500

I dreamt a weird dream before my morning started. It was so quirky, the details might drown you but the part I couldn’t really let go of was when I happened on a little wooden drawer and found this old album of who the previous owner of that drawer might be. A friend pointed me towards the drawer and told me “my favorite picture is inside…”

And then her photo surprised me. she looked considerably slimmer wearing a tank top, showing her slender arms. she was smiling in that picture. but it looked as if the picture looked like it was taken 10 years ago or so.

She had the same hair, the same face, the same smile, the same eyes you’d think were made of pools of constellations the longer you looked at them. I figured the important thing was that she looked very happy.

As I woke up startled, I started realizing that perhaps I dreamt of a future self, a future incidence wherein I was unable to truly let go of the past.

And that even with the passage of time, any small thing that would remotely remind me of her would rekindle the flames inside the furnace of what i thought was a dead memory of my life’s Mona Lisa.

So yeah, I had a weird dream.

Date of dream: August 20 to 21 2013 from 0000 to 0800

I had a weird dream again.

This time it was at work. Present time.

This girl I had a thing for at college was now an employee at the company I’m working for. I couldn’t forget the part when I saw her since I hadn’t seen her in more than 3 years. She was in the lobby and I just happened to be there and then our eyes met. I stared long and hard in amazement. I’ve been missing those pair of eyes. They seemed eternal once you looked at them.

Then I had this sudden burst of courage and I asked her out. Pretty cool, eh? Anyway the scene changed and we were now at this quiet looking restaurant where all these people were wearing black dresses and shirts. I somehow ended up walking towards the table. She was smiling at me as I came nearer.

She was wearing a black cocktail dress that elegantly yet modestly showed her shoulders and lower back. Her porcelain white skin radiating a beauty that is always cared for. Her jet-black hair untied and free to roam yet somehow have kept their meekness and simply flowed right over her right shoulder. The glow in her eyes was further augmented by the glittery black dress she wore and simplicity of her make up which would’ve passed as natural had it not for her bright red lipstick.

I was so engrossed at staring at her I didn’t even notice what I was wearing.

I sat down, I smiled, and noticed her just smiling right back at me. I then had the urge to break the ice by asking her what she likes to have.

Silence. A smiling silence.

So I proceeded to turn around and look for the waiter but as I turned back, the strangest thing happened. The woman I asked out, the one sitting across the table, the one that just smiled at me was gone. In her stead, the woman I’ve come to call my life’s Mona Lisa was now the one staring at me, still smiling.

It’s funny how I never minded. It was as if I preferred it. So we talked and talked and talked the whole time. We never ate, we never drank, just talking. And we were laughing. This was the best part.

I woke up at 2:47 AM because of the sudden rain but I knew I wanted that dream to continue so in I went again off into dream land. But it didn’t continue at the restaurant.

The setting now was the laboratories. I was getting my usual cup of coffee and I just had the sudden urge to talk to her while she was busy with the computer. To my surprise, she replied almost happily. Then I talked some more then she talked back some more. I ended up drinking coffee right next to her. I was drinking her roasted beans and I was asking her a lot of questions about coffee.

Then I woke up at 6:30 AM. I tried to get back in but I couldn’t sleep anymore.

I started thinking about it. In fact I didn’t want to write it out as soon as I woke up to see how much I’ll remember when night comes and I still remember it. Vividly.

I couldn’t think of it earlier this morning but now I began to realize the whole point of my dream. I realized how I yearned for a woman that looked like the one from college all my life yet she paled in comparison compared to my life’s Mona Lisa.

And all I want to do with her is talk and talk and talk some more because of the barrier of silence that surrounds both of us.

It made me wonder what I really wanted to do with my life.

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