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Book Review: The Small Change Diet: 10 Steps to a Thinner, Healthier You

Posted in food, health, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 22, 2013

I saw this book two weeks ago on a 70% sale in my local bookstore. I’ve always researched about fitness and how our body generally reacts to food and exercise. I myself have written a few blogs and even shared blogs that are quite interesting to read about. When I saw the book and perused the author’s titles in the front page and the first few pages of the book. I figured I need to have a little review of my own ideas and browse a certified professional when it came to fitness and weight loss.

I mean, I know how I did it and whenever my friends or colleagues ask me for tips or recommendations I tell them what I know not only from what I know but also from what I have researched and read on the internet, on books, and on videos. I just wanted to know more in a sense that I get to tell my friends “oh this author has some good tips” or perhaps actually give them a solid reference, the type of reference that they can actually hold, instead of me blurting out “I read somewhere that…” or “There was this article I saw that…” and this would be better because people yearn for concrete stuff nowadays and ideas to these kinds of people are all just wind.

Aside from that, I figured maybe I can get some good tips too and I found a lot in this book.

The Review

The book itself is straightforward. It doesn’t beat around the bush when it came to introducing concepts and tips. The author also made a few interesting quips and some added humor to make the book more interesting to read. I found this method to be particularly effective specially when it came to people who never really read any books on good diet advice or seriously took good advice at all when it came to fitness. It wasn’t strict and it’s purely aimed at beginners. As for someone like me, who’s already in the know, I actually don’t mind a bit more “bitching” or cussing. But that’s just me.

The books is also mainly targeted for women. Although the author did write this for the general populace, being female meant that the focus of the book was to slim down through means that most men would find to hard or too awkward to do in real life. I’m not being sexist; I’m simply pointing out the fact that the book will realistically apply better to women than men. And not to mention men who are already past the slimming stage or is going through this part of their program with muscle building in mind. I mean the book itself is focused on thinning down with exercise being the last of the 10 steps (Oops, spoiler) and the exercises done aren’t exactly meant for muscle growth but mainly for weight loss and keeping the weight off. To be fair, the book is about losing weight and slimming down so this is just me warning muscle-men to stay away from this book. But that’s not to say that this books should be totally abandoned by fitness enthusiasts. This book is still a nice read and gives a good insight on the perspective of a professional nutritionist who isn’t looking into muscle building.

I’d also like to note that the book is far from eating the Paleo-way. The book is a guide to modern fitness after all. So it has to make use of what people normally consume everyday which are processed foods. But fret not, she’s not really endorsing them as primary foods but as healthier food substitutes to otherwise unhealthy meals or meal principles.

With the above mentioned, this book is still a very recommendable book for overall healthy and wellness. It’s user friendly and is not required to be finished until you get to finish the current “change”. This is a really good “fitness basics” book since every good fitness program out there, even with muscle building in mind, always comprises of about 80% diet and this books is more than enough to get that 80% in anyone’s program. She also gives a good grasp on how to eat right and make it stay that way through various accounts of what her patients have done or what she recommends. The author enhances the experience by providing patient experiences and I’m sure most readers would identify with the patients she mentions. Sure enough, the author knows what she’s talking about in the world of general fitness and slimming down.

Overall rating: 7/10 

The book could’ve gotten a perfect 10 had it somehow related more to natural eating but of course, that would be a bit hardcore and this book is simply a “basics” book. And for that, the score should suffice.

P.S. The author’s website. Also, here’s a Google Books Preview of the book. Check it out, it already contains a lot of tips without buying the book.

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