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Doing 5,000 Kettlebell Swings In Less Than A Month

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on October 6, 2013

In conjunction with a previous post I reblogged, I’ve been doing something similar to this program since September 28 2013. But as I attempted to do 500 swings per day, I noticed that my body couldn’t handle anything more than 250 at the time. Mind you, my allotted time for kettlebell training is not more than 30 minutes for 6 days. What I’ve done to modify this is to make it easier for me to transition into 500 a day. What I did was simply do 250 kettlebell swings. I convinced myself that logging a 32kg kettlebell, versus the 24kg recommended bell and the “no rest day” routine, will somehow offset this.

Here is what my current program is like:

Warm up (5 minutes)

10x Squats

10x Push up

5x Vertical Jump

Back and arm stretches

Main A, 32kg

10 Swings

1 Goblet Squat

15 Swings

2 Goblet Squat

25 Swings

3 Goblet Squats

50 Swings

Rest until good to go (1 – 1.5 minutes)

Main B, 32kg

10 Swings

2 Hindu Push ups

15 Swings

4 Hindu Push ups

25 Swings

6 Hindu Push ups

50 Swings

Rest until good to go (1 – 1.5 minutes)

I’ve been alternating A and B for different days since I don’t want to have that mental fatigue thing. I also do them for 6 days straight, omitting the recommended rest day after 2 straight days. I originally wanted to commit to the same rest periods but I figured I’m only doing half so I should be okay. I’m also doing this in the comforts of my home so this somehow justifies the fact that I don’t have a barbell set. I also like training my legs a bit and improving my overall flexibility which is why I’ve used the Goblet Squat and the Hindu Push up. This is also for a good full body workout.

Also, as in my previous blog, I do this in the morning so you can understand why I only have 30 minutes maximum for this challenge. What I can safely say, however, is that this workout smokes me out every day particularly when doing 50 straight swings. Mind you I’ve been alternating Hardstyle and Russian; the former when doing 10-25 and the latter utilized when doing 50’s. I guess I’m not strong enough to do 50 Hardstyle swings given how inefficient they are when it comes to doing swing marathons. I’m not saying they’re not good; they’re simply not meant for endurance training since they emphasize more on power than conservation of energy.

To further convince you I’m not just a plain weakling, here are video examples of the different kettlebell swings

Common Russian Kettlebell Swing

Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing

GS Kettlebell Swing

The GS swing utilizes the one handed technique but you can also apply it to two handed swings. The main idea here is efficiency. The most efficient one is GS and Hardstyle is the one that focuses on building strength through explosiveness. Which is why I found the Russian Kettlebell Swing to be the “middle ground” so to speak and is the reason why I prefer it over Hardstyle when performing 50 straight swings. The GS is pretty okay but I just don’t find that pendulum thing good for strength building.

Going back to my 1 month or less program, I’m already at 2000 swings. It’s only been a week and one day and I feel my body getting used to prolonged periods of tension and fatigue which will inevitably make me a stronger person. I should be able to finish this in less than 4 weeks tops. I might even go beyond this if my body likes it.

I’ll eventually do the 10,000 swings but not this month or the next. I’ll try it in January 2014 since that’s the actual 10,000 Kettlebell Swings month.

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