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Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on October 25, 2013

I love training with kettlebells. I’ve been blogging about them like crazy over the past few weeks and all this because of the various benefits of training with them can do.

So with this kind of enthusiasm, I’ve been trying out new stuff lately. I’m just a few days fresh from my recent kettlebell achievement and I’ve been doing something new. Here’s my current routine for this month. I’ve been experimenting with ladder exercises and complexes for the past two years and I figured it’s about time I combine the two. I’ve seen a lot of videos and blogs regarding ladders and I haven’t really given ladders a try or maybe that much enthusiasm. Here’s my own version of a Kettlebell/Bodyweight Ladder-Complex (which I’ll call Ladder-Plex or LP). Consider that I only have about 20-25 minutes to do these in the morning because we all have to go to work!

Ladder-Plex A

2 One handed swings, 1 per arm

2 Goblet squats

4 One handed swings, 2 per arm

4 Goblet squats




10 One handed swings, 5 per arm

10 Goblet squats

Then repeat from 10 back to 2 then go back up until fatigue (with a 32 kg, I so far made it back to 8 in under 21 minutes)

Ladder-Plex B

2 Two-handed Swings

2 Push-ups

3 Two-handed Swings

3 Push-ups




10 Two-handed Swings

10 Push-ups

Then go back from 10 to 2. I normally finish this in under 24 minutes. It depends on how fast you do the push-ups. Since I’m pressed for time, I do them on a moderate pace; not slow, not fast. I’m not sure which is actually better in general but slow push-ups promote muscle mass while fast push-ups promote endurance and fat burning. They both, however, promote strength which is what we are all after.

Note: I’ve only tried this twice and the first time, I felt the pain of the workout which is a good thing in general. After a 48 hour lapse (doing Ladder-Plex A the following day), I got through the workout with a slightly less effort which meant that my muscles have somehow adapted to doing Ladder-Plex B. Speaking of DOMS, my thighs are a little bit sore due to an increased number of squats for Ladder-Plex A but since I’ve been squatting since forever, the pain can actually be ignored.

Ladder-Plex C

2 Two-Handed Swings

1 Kettlebell Clean per arm*

2 Renegade Row, one per arm

3 Two-Handed Swings

1 Kettlebell Clean per arm*

4 Renegade Row, two per arm




I haven’t an idea on how far I could do this. This is a Ladder-Plex I haven’t really done yet but is reserved for my weekends. The real purpose of this LP is so I can utilize my other Kettlebell which also happens to weigh 32 kg. I’ve been ignoring it for the past 2 months and I miss it. I may even have to insert farmer’s walks to enhance this LP even further.

*The kettlebell clean is inserted like so because I can’t perform 32 kg cleans and I need to train myself to progress further into presses and snatches. A minimal amount is good enough (maybe 3-5 per arm per day or every two days) because most people who aren’t really experts on cleans get bruised so hard it never heals if fast enough if I clean too much or too often. If I become an expert, I’ll even fucking blog about it as an achievement. And yes, I’m also willing to purchase lighter bells (maybe a 24 kg pair) but I don’t have it budgeted for this month or the next. With that, I have to work with what I have.

The schedule would be as follows:


Rest day













I may even want an additional rest day (W, F, or even Sat) but I don’t plan on resting any time this week as long as I get my 6-6.5 hours of sleep.

So that’s my new challenge for maybe a month or more. I’ll definitely modify this if I don’t see the results I want or if things get stagnant. Cheers to kettlebell training!

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  3. […] Today’s workout involved my new Ladderplex B. I did this for 20 minutes (with a rest or two) but I found out that, since I started with them a week ago, I’ve gotten better with using them, stronger even. I began to feel less stressed and less fatigued compared to when I first attempted my new ladderplexes. I used to run short on my last sets with them, requiring me to drop the bells and catch a breather before I finish the last half of the set which I usually finish to completion back when I was still doing my old ladderplexes. […]

  4. […] last Sunday just for the heck of it and I’ve never felt so happy with my training progress. I used to just be able to do single arm movements with my 32 kg bells and my most effort using the two would be more on deadlifts and […]

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