The 9th Soul

My Life So Far…

Posted in health, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on October 29, 2013

A little update on what’s been happening in my life. I thought about doing something like this since I feel that I owe a little bit of a legacy to leave behind even if it’s only in writing form. Maybe a few people might want to read something inside the head of someone who’s practically psycho! 😀


Everything isn’t going as expected but the silver lining is always there. I’ve arranged a few manipulations regarding my department – to an extent of what my level can do which is the lowest – so I can somehow get the position I want. I have multiple ulterior motives to speak of regarding this decision and I’ll mention them a little later. All I can say is that I either wait or try another route, again. And I chose to try another route while I wait. A bit of a two birds situation here but I’ll only really hit one so I better aim pretty good and get it pretty hard. I’ve also gotten interested in filling up my online work portfolio in oDesk. That means a lot more money for writing stuff. Maybe my investments would be diversified after getting enough, at least the minimum.


What can I say? I’ve been alive in that house as far as I can recall and all is good. Dad’s getting old quicker than expected, though. I guess he neglects his health too much but good thing he’s well supported by the family. My mom seems to be enjoying her work despite her multiple rants about it. And my little brother’s contemplating on whether he should apply to live in a dormitory for the rest of the semester due to his rather upsetting schedule. He’s also been beating me in every game we play so far. We plan on buying the latest Naruto game for the PC and I sincerely hope I can best him in this one. I’ve been reading Eco’s The Name of the Rose which started out boring and a chore to read but is now picking up the pace after the second death. I might even do a review of this book. I mean, I don’t usually review* classical literature (is this even considered a classic?) but I might just make an exception for this one.


A little update on my previous post. As it turns out, I might have to redo the 250 KB swing workout I did before at least on Sundays or maybe the whole weekend. I don’t want to gain back the weight I proudly lost and the new workouts I’ve developed aren’t exactly focused on cutting weight but more on keeping muscle which is like a whole universe apart when it comes to the fitness terminologies. Aside from a little stumble on this road, everything’s pretty swell but I really have to practice the cleans so I’ve been thinking about getting a new, lighter pair of kettlebells nonstop.


LOL Fuck this. One reason I actually plan on transferring is to fix this part of my life. I’ve thought and dreamt about this too much that I really can’t wait to start with this plan. I plan on fixing my relationship with two people of which the primary is my Mona Lisa while the other is this girl who I want to be re-accepted by my friends.  Wish me luck in closing two of the biggest and heaviest doors in my life. So far.


*Because classical literature is considered good by many and simply, at the very worst, boring by others. I’ve read books like The Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby but I haven’t done any reviews on them simply because I’m too lazy to do them. Just kidding. I guess I just couldn’t write them before but perhaps I may even write them up together with Eco’s book in one big book review blog. Who knows?

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