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New Pair Of Kettlebells For Christmas!!!

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on December 25, 2013
What's not seen: My treadmill and a bunch of running shoes.

What’s not seen: My treadmill and a bunch of running shoes.

I got myself a pair of 24 kg kettlebell last Monday as a Chrismas gift to myself. I’ve owned a pair of 32 kg for about a year now and I still can’t bring myself to do proper cleans or presses (and yes, I can’t even perform them single-handedly, don’t even let me discuss my futile attempts at a snatch…) and I figured I jumped the weight from 20 kg to 32 kg too fast. I didn’t know what I was thinking and quite frankly I wasted an entire year of not being able to practice my favorite double kettlebell routines.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s amazing what you can do with one kettlebell but having two at a time, and a combined, heavier weight at that, is my preference and it gave me frustrations throughout the year of not being able to perform the way I’m used to. But I’m glad because they’re here now and I’m happy that I feel all sorts of soreness all over my body since Monday LOL but seriously, they’re expensive and as much as I wanted to buy them earlier this year, I mustered up the discipline of mastering one kettlebell without cleans, presses, and snatches and I’m happy about it. Now I can do a lot more and I can conjure up a bunch of exercises utilizing one and two kettlebells so needless to say, it was a blessing in disguise.

My new routine now, although I’ll try to incorporate my old 32  kg kettlebells too, will be focused on using two kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. It will all be so I can have the strength to carry two 32 kg by the end of next year. This will be my challenge!

Ladder-Plex A

2 x double swing

2 x double kb squat

3 x double swing

3 x double kb squat




6 or 8 times in total then go back down to 2 times. 

Ladder-Plex B

1 x double clean

2 x press (1 per arm; while double cleaned)

2 x push ups

1 x double clean

4 x press (2 per arm; while double cleaned)

4 push ups

Then go back to 4, 2, and then 2, 4 until you repeat the circuit 3 times for a total of 84 reps, with the cleans counted (72 only without the cleans).

So there you have it, my new routine thanks to my newly purchased kettlebells!

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