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Minor Back Injury Workout

Posted in health defects, internet news, life by Fated Blue on January 12, 2014

Yesterday, I was doing my 100 kettlebell front squat training weighted at 48 kg. On my 7th cycle, though, I felt a very strong pain on my lower back. I’m guessing it was from the rough double swing I did since I was heaving my breath already halfway through. Needless to say, I had to stop, rest, and assess. I ended up feeling the pain when I bend down but not when I walk or run up the stairs. I had something similar to this before but it was from my arrogance of double swinging 2 x 32 kg kettlebells, jumping from 2 x 16 kg. That was a very bad muscle injury and my movements were very, very limited. The one I have now is also a muscle injury but thankfully it’s not so bad. I guess my back got stronger since then (about 9 months ago) and I didn’t overdo myself this time; I simply messed up the form on the catch when I “cleaned” it.

Regardless, I figured I’d try a back-fixer workout this morning and I did. I wanted to run at first but I thought about how my injury can get worse seeing that running is very, very high impact compared to conventional kettlebell training. So this morning I tried a little something I came across last night when I was researching the benefits of the kettlebell push up as well as how it compares with my usual strict push up. The workout was simple: It consisted of doing 10 kettlebell swings (2 x 24 kg on my part) and a ladder-down of kettlebell push ups starting from 10.

To visualize this better, here’s how it should work:

10 double swings

10 kb push ups

10 double swings

9 kb push ups

10 double swings

8 kb push ups




10 double swings

1 kb push up

Now mind you I still had the back ache and I had a bit of trouble turning on my bed while I was sleeping but I was able to get a good rest and had the guts to perform. I did a little routinely warm-up of kettlebell windmills, body-squats, and a bunch of Hindu Push Ups (an old favorite). As you can see, I was testing my back and how it would fare should I continue with the planned workout above. I tried a bit of single kettlebell swings with my old 32 kg and it felt normal. I proceeded with my first 10 double swings and 10 push ups without so much as a sign of hindrance due to pain. I occasionally felt it when I would go from push up position to standing due to my legs bending towards my chest when I get up but it was minor.

The last injury I had like this made me stop training for 3-4 days straight. I literally could not even sit down without wincing from the pain. This one is a bit different and is easier to comprehend. I can still train but I better try to catch the kettlebells better or perhaps maybe even skip cleans for a while. This is a very good lesson for me and I really have to learn from it.

I love my kettlebells!

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