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I Did A Very Complicated Complex Workout Today

Posted in health, youtube shows by Fated Blue on March 22, 2014

Inspired by this video by Pat Flynn

I did 5 rounds of these with a pair of 24’s. Although Pat insisted I use a lighter weight for the snatches, I did otherwise because I wanted to snatch 24’s. I planned on doing like 10 rounds of these but my arms were giving way due to snatches. I usually do 15 sets of Armor Builders too and I snatch a lot but combining the two was a pretty sweet kind of harshness and my arms were telling me they both weren’t prepared to co 50 snatches each while doing cleans, presses, and squats in one workout. Maybe someday I’ll be able to push through 10 rounds but for now I had to compensate.

I had around 10 minutes left of my 20 minute workout time and my arms weren’t sure of whether they’re still capable of snatching again (with sweat trickling making my grip unsteady and all) so I did swings, push ups, and even an ab-wheel exercise.

Here’s how the workout today went:

5 rounds

Armor builder + 5 snatches per arm (see video above)

2 rounds

5 double swings, 5 push ups

2 rounds

5 ab-roll outs

1 round

15 push ups. (I’d go for 20-30 but my arms were killing me)

It took me 19 minutes to complete this but I feel as if I can complete this workout in under 15 minutes if I perfect it.

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