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Book Review: STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson (Reckoners #1)

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on March 31, 2014


I literally JUST finished this book. I bought it after finding the synopsis very interesting and the way goodreads reviewed it. I’m not usually the type that takes the advice of other readers but the plot interested me anyway so I might as well give it a try. I truly didn’t know this was part of a series but after reading it, I’m glad that it is. For those too tired to finish the review, I’m giving this a good score at the end so might as well buy it!

Good points:

The plot was the very thing that won me over. I needed a book that tried the heart of man against gods. I grew up preferring the underdog, the underestimated, and the ignored to go up against the very symbols of strength and power in society. I’m a rebellious guy myself and going up against authority has always made me smile for some reason.

Story line and dialogue was pretty good. It felt natural, to say the least. It felt like real people talking, not some fan made arrogant characters going to fight the big fight against gods to save humanity. They were just people out to do what they know will benefit society, even in small increment.

The action was intense. The intensity of the scenes made the pacing very fast. Like, heart beat going fast as you read and hold your breath for what happens next. It had you gripping the book so hard and so close. You’d end up with a sweaty brow and palms after each action scene. I mean, the book would literally provide just the right amount of cliff hangers to make you read the next chapter and the next one after that. I never thought I could finish a book this fast. I’ve never read something this fast outside Dan Brown’s Langdon series. Not even Rick Riordan‘s Percy Jackson books can match this book’s pacing.

Secrets, twists, and the ending that summed it all up were pretty well tied up. It made me wonder, and almost did a google search, as to why a certain someone almost had this rage fit in one scene when that someone was actually introduced as a nice character. I was like, “WTF?! They better explain this shit…” and the book did. It was subtle but not late. In fact, it needed to be almost right at the end.

Bad points: 

Two things I didn’t like about the book. First and foremost, the character development. As much as the dialogue is pretty nice, the way the characters were described by the author to be imagined by the reader wasn’t good enough. I mean, the author used a plethora of common characters found in most action novels. The author played it a bit safe with this one, I guess, with the rebound being the dialogue between these cliched personas. I mean, he had the little kid who grew up with anger in his heart, the cold-hearted beauty, the cowboy, the nice and calm guy, the tactician, and the leader with a head of stone but with a soft heart. It also had arrogant villains but I guess its part of the whole plot twist.

The other thing I didn’t like, which was very minor in the book, was the inbetweens. Inbetweens, as I would describe them, are the scenes that happen just after a great, fan-servicing scene but not just before another similar scene. It’s like the boring part that gets your heart to slow down a bit after hitting your rib cage so fast in the previous scene. It acted as a breather, I guess, and it could be a good thing for most people but I found it a bit too slow and too long at times. In fact, I found myself wanting to doze off this one scene in the book. It made little sense because I was expecting action and my brain wouldn’t compensate for the lack of it. I reread whole paragraphs in that one chapter just so I can get to the next one with an astute affirmation of what just happened.

Overall: 8.5/10. I’d give this a perfect score but characters and some dragging chapters made me hold back. I just finished downloading Mitosis, this short read before Reckoners #2, Firefight.

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