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Book Review: Papert Towns By John Green

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on April 26, 2014

I got the middle one.

I read this book right after a bit of disappointment from An Abundance of Katherines. Needless to say I wanted to expect another hard book to finish but as early as this blog goes, I’m definitely giving you the advice to read this.

This is the last four of the books I’ve read by John Green. I’m still thinking about buying his other two books but I’m not really a fan of books written by multiple authors.

I’m not going to stress this review out so much. What I am going to tell you is that this is a very, very good rebound from “Katherine”. This is probably one of the few books that literally made me laugh (yes, laugh as in laughing in a public place while everyone stares at you thinking something’s wrong with your head kind of laugh) hard specially during the book’s road trip scenes.

Let me have a little side opinion here of John Green’s writing style: all his books have cars, have road trips, funny but very helpful best friend/s, and a girl who is struggling to be stronger than how anyone thinks she is. I’ve read somewhere that once you meet one of John Green’s girls, you’ve met them all.


Book Review: An Abundance Of Katherines By John Green

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on April 12, 2014

I started reading John Green’s books when I was first intrigued by the plot behind The Fault In Our Stars. I’ve since then told myself that I would his other works. This is my third book from him of which the second one was Looking For Alaska. I expected a pretty good read from this book. In fact, I raised my standards a bit high for this one since I really wanted to read a John Green book for the longest time.

The story is about this boy named Colin who gets dumped 19 times by women bearing the name Katherine. In this book, he ventures outside his safe zone in an attempt to forget his recent break-up and maybe even provide an ingenious theorem that can potentially predict the outcome of any relationship.


Book Review: Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson (Reckoners #1.5)

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on April 1, 2014


I’m simply milking the franchise while I wait for book 2.This is gonna be a short review since the story itself was short.