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Book Review: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 16, 2014

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I enjoyed reading Neil’s American Gods so much that I wanted another book from him. I’m not a real huge fan of fantasies but Neil’s got me hooked and this book was no different.

What intrigued me first was the cover and how beautiful it was. It was calming and soothing and the “sinking” girl attracted my attention. The synopsis was also very convincingly good. Again, I’m not a fan of stories like these but there was something about the way Neil writes his work and the way his stories revolve around the reality of our world thru his fantasies that made me want to read his books more.

While I’m not exactly the type that would buy every book he has, I might well be caught glimpsing at the covers, looking at the synopsis, and maybe read a page or two to see if I can get hooked.