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15-min Kettlebell Fat Torcher Workout

Posted in Uncategorized by Fated Blue on June 25, 2014

I might actually try this over the weekend.

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Don’t have a lot of time?  Want to get a total body workout in only 15 minutes?

This workout will crush body fat and rev up your metabolism.  (descriptions below)

15 min kbell workout

All you need is a kettlebell, jump-rope and your own bodyweight.

3 pronged approach:
1.  Heart rate
2.  Lean muscle/Resistance
3.  Core/Abs

Metabolic Resistance workout fo’ shizzz.


Kettlebell Swing

This is in my Top 3 of all-time exercises.  Works it all:  Core, heart rate, and muscles of the lower & upper body.  Especially works the glutes (get a nice butt, wink wink, and stronger with everything).

Feet shoulder width apart, let the kettlebell swing between your legs (not too low or below the knee), let the kettlebell go behind your body, then thrust your hips forward squeezing your glutes and abs.


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Mook Review: The Fault in Our Stars

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Gotta love Mookology.


The Fault in Our Stars Novel by John Green

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Green’s most popular novel, The Fault in Our Stars, is famous for a reason.  Personally, I’ve found it difficult to identify books about cancer that aren’t just about cancer.  While the subject of this particular illness (or any for that matter) is hard on many, and most fiction written about the topic triggers an endless supply of tears, I really feel that just because a novel is heartbreaking doesn’t mean it is good.  At the risk of sounding insensitive, I am in no way trivializing something that hits so close to home.  However, when it comes to fictionalizing these very sad stories it becomes hard to disassociate heartbreak from what is actually well written and enlightening.

That aside, The Fault in Our Stars breaks boundaries in terms of being profound and John Green, as in all of his…

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