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Book Review: Inferno By Dan Brown

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on June 29, 2014

I’ve waited a full year for this book to come out on paperback. I’m not being a cheapskate here it’s just that every book I have by Dan Brown is on paperback so I figured I should be consistent about it…well okay maybe I am a bit of a thrifty reader but who gives a fuck? 😀

Inferno is the much awaited 4th installation to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon novels. I mean, it’s been 3 or 4 years since he released a “Langdon” book and people kept wanting more out the brilliant Harvard Symbologist and the secrets he knows about the world. True to the series, the book explores a lot of ancient history particularly that of Dante Alighieri whom this whole book was dedicated to. Langdon went back to Europe for this one and it was an expected move from Brown seeing that Europe has a lot secrets that the public may take interest in.

Speaking of secrets, as far as interesting secrets are concerned, I say Dan Brown had his fame at its peak when he released “The Da Vinci Code” due to the vast controversies surrounding the things written inside the book. What am I trying to say here, suddenly deviating from Inferno to The Da Vinci Code? Well as far as thrilling novels are concerned, this one’s a keeper. Inferno can stand on its own pillars without much background on any of the characters involved. But as part of a series, Inferno was definitely lackluster in my opinion. There just isn’t enough material in this book compared to Brown’s first three novels. I’m not blaming the author on this one, however, since you can only piece so many secrets in one book and you have very limited secrets to begin with.

I’m not sure what gave me the disappointment. Was it because I was looking forward to it all year or was it simply because it wasn’t as groundbreaking as I expected it to be? Sure enough, this book is a light read compared to the first three. Dan Brown removed most of his shock/surprise factor in this book and instead focused on simply being informative.

A few disappointments include what happened to “the Provost” after the police scene and how the WHO plans to handle the current state of the world. The former I can understand that Brown simply left it to his reader’s imagination but the latter is a bit of a cliff hanger. I mean, how will Brown write another Langdon book with Langdon knowing full well that he might have the disease while the rest of the world isn’t even remotely aware of the virus that has infected them? The book got a weird wrap-up for sure.

Overall: 7/10

I choose not to be so harsh since the book still had that Dan Brown vibe but vibes alone won’t be enough for his famous series.


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