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My Latest Kettlebell Creation: Godzilla’s Armor Building Complex

Posted in health, youtube shows by Fated Blue on July 5, 2014

I’ve been playing with my 24 kg kettlebells with Dan John’s Armor Building Complex and Pat Flynn’s Godzilla Complex. Both are extremely efficient at fat burning and muscle building and both will definitely strengthen your body as a whole. I’ve done both for weeks on end, alternating them on a daily basis.

So I figured, since I’m now including a pair of 32 kg bells in my workout schedule, I might as well try and combine the two.

One set would look like this:

2 double cleans

1 strict double military press

3 double front squats

1 double kettlebell lunge per leg

1 military press  per arm

I’d normally do 6 sets of this in under 10 minutes using a pair of 24s which I’ll then proceed to complete my 20 minutes with double swings and push-ups. You may opt to double or triple the Godzilla workout as you please but do not lower the weight you can accomplish the set above with. It’s far better to lift low reps with heavy weights than high reps with light weights.

As you can see, this will not only give you the innate benefits of the complexes mentioned above but will also test your body’s endurance specially with your legs. It will also help you build upper body strength not only with the presses but with the fact that you are not dropping the bells from your rack position until you complete the whole thing. Imagine the agony of holding on to a pair of heavy kettlebells and you have to finish this hell complex before you rest for a minute or two then having to start all over again. Your arms will surely give way first but your legs will fall soon after but the rewards will be worth the agony.

Video references below:

Armor Builder


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  3. […] gotten better at it compared to last time but I still find it difficult to do nonetheless. The armor building complex usually composes of two kettlebells (but a single kettlebell version exists) and I still want to do something similar to that complex […]

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