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Strengthening Cleans And Pistols

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on July 13, 2014

I’ve been trying to do double cleans with my 32kg pair (140 lb total) to perform double front squats, double lunges, and one-arm push-presses. I’ve so far only done very sloppy double cleans. My description of it would be like overextending my back and catching the two kettlebells on my chest with my legs bending towards the front. It’s really that ugly. I figured I should try to fix my cleans before I end up breaking my back or worse.

So for 20 minutes yesterday, I did the workout below. One round would go like this:

6 x One-arm clean per arm

5 x Pistol squat per leg

That’s it. It’s simple and dedicated to strengthening your body by the half. You perform six consecutive cleans on one arm then you do it on the other. To let your arms rest, you do pistols and fulfill a 5 rep per leg round. By the time you are done with one round, you can rest for 1 or 2 minutes then do another round. This would definitely make you sore since your body is trying to balance itself throughout this workout. I mean, my bum hurts and my left arm, my weaker arm, is strained i.e. can’t over stretch as freely as I used to without wincing a bit. I may have over stretched a tendon or something but it functions normally regardless.

It’s a very short but very taxing workout. Use the heaviest weight you can do 6 straight and perfect cleans. Try to fight the urge to perform weighted pistols since what we’re trying to do here is resting one half of the body while the other half works. This workout is supposed to look and feel easy since we’re sort of developing 2 sets of skills in the most efficient and safe way possible.

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  2. […] had this one in my head since last night. As a background, I still can’t strictly press a single 32kg bell without giving it a bit of a jerk. I’ve gotten better at it compared to last time but I still […]

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