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Creating My Own Kettlebell Program

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on September 29, 2014

[Check this out for the upgraded/modified version]

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and I figured it’s time I do something similar to a program. I’ve been just usually doing complexes on random occasions with little to no patterns involved. At most, I’ve been repeating two or three workouts on random days and that’s about as organized a program as I got. I’ve got a goal and I have to maintain my view on that goal. That goal is to become stronger and right now my definition of getting stronger is to lift a pair of 32 kg kettlebells effortlessly. I decided it just this Sunday morning but I’m pretty sure I dreamt about it numerous times before. I’ll be condensing it for 20 minutes give or take so rest times will just have to be short but sweet. Wish me luck 😀

Routine 1:

1. Alternative to Armor Building

Weight: 2 x 32 kg

2 x double kettlebell swing

1 x double kettlebell clean

3 x double kettlebell front squat

Perform high quality sets for 6 rounds. I don’t want to go overboard on this; this isn’t the only workout I’m going to do. Although I’ve done 10 of these, it took me too much rest time.

2. Godzilla Complex

Weight: 2 x 24 kg

2 x 1 double kettlebell lunge per leg

2 x 1 military press  per arm

Repeat for at least 3 rounds. I tried it and my arms were still weak from Complex A.

C: Ab-wheel workout

Perform this as a finisher. Today I rolled out 20 without getting back up and as I tried to push 21, my back was starting to give. I also was about to clock in at 20:00 so it’s cool.

Routine 2:

1. Double Kettlebell Swing Workout

Weight: 2 x 32 kg

100 x double kettlebell swings


50 x double kettlebell swings in 5 minutes.

I’ve done them both and both are achievable within the time limit but I’ll most likely choose the 50 in 5 for now.

Update Nov 8 2014: I can now do 60 swings under 5 minutes!

2.  Armor Building Complex

Weight: 2 x 24 kg

2 x double kettlebell cleans

1 x strict double military press

3 x double kettlebell front squats

Go for 6 rounds while maintaining control and composure i.e. no jerking or colliding while doing the clean.

3. Push ups

3 x 10 push ups

I’m not sure how much time is left by the time I’l get to do this but I’ll be finishing it regardless.

Routine 3:

1. 100 swings, 5 minutes

Weight: 1 x 32 kg

5 x 20 single arm kettlebell swings

I’ve done this and this will be something of an imbalance workout as the weight is not distributed equally.

2. Push ups or Bent-over rows

Push ups:

3 x 10 push ups

Same as above. I may try to rush this a bit.

Bent-over rows:

Weight: 2 x 32 kg

5 x 3 double kettlebell bent-over rows per set

3. Pistol squats

5 x 3 pistol squats a.k.a. single leg squats

I want to perfect the art of the pistol squat and this is my way of doing it. I either finish this or until I can’t lift myself anymore.

Routine 4:

1. Single Kettlebell Armor Building Complex

Weight: 1 x 32 kg

2 x kettlebell cleans

1 x kettlebell push press or jerk

3 x kettlebell squats, racked

Repeat for 6 rounds per arm. As much as I want to perform a strict military press with this weight, I really can’t yet and I have to train my shoulders first.

Update November 8 2014: I focused on just performing 4 rounds since I wanted to increase my pressing ability through jerk presses.

2. Clean and Jerk Routine (UPDATE as of October 08 2014, 20:14)

Inspired by this article

2 x clean and jerks per arm

4 x clean and jerks per arm

6 x clean and jerks per arm

I don’t want to attempt a double jerk just yet. I want to see how much I can dish out with one arm first. I’ll upgrade this to a double-bell one I get the hang of it. I’m not even sure if I can rep it up to 6 per arm but I’ll definitely aim for a 4 and maybe ladder it down to 2. UPDATE Oct. 18 2014: I had to modify this since aiming for a 6 was dangerous and may injure me at the moment. Instead, what I did is a 3 x 4 clean and jerks per arm to get the total 12 jerks per arm.

Update Novemr 8 2014: I can now do 20 jerks per arm

3. Swings and Push ups

Weight: 1 x 32 kg kettlebell

1 x 10 kettlebell swings per arm (total of 20 swings per set)

1 x 10 push ups

Repeat 3 times or as much as time allows (20-minute limit)


Ab-wheel workout or Bent-over rows


Same as above.

Bent-over rows:

Same as above

Routine 5:

1. Alternative to Armor Building

Weight: 2 x 32 kg

Same as above.

Update November 8 2014: 4 rounds only

2. Armor Building Complex

Weight: 2 x 24 kg

Same as above but reduce to 3 sets.

UPDATE Oct. 18 2014:

Weight: 2 x 24 kg

3 x 6 double clean and jerks

Update November 8 2014: I can now do a total of 30 jerk presses. I used the 10-8-6-4-2 ladder down.

3. Pistol squats, push ups, or ab-wheel.

Same as above but until time runs out.

That’s my five-day workout. I’ll want to follow this as religiously as possible so tomorrow will be Routine 2. Good luck to me! 😀

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