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One month into my program

Posted in food, health, life, youtube shows by Fated Blue on November 8, 2014

This is what my program looks like.

I’ve been progressing quite well. In fact, I’ve seen some muscular development particularly in the upper body. Also, I am now able to double swing a pair of 32 kg 60 times in under 5 minutes. My previous limit was 50 but now my standard is 60. Next month, if all goes well, I can push through 65 or even 70.

I still can’t directly press a 32 kg bell but my arm and shoulder strength have increased significantly to a point that jerking a 32 kg bell doesn’t seem too taxing anymore. I’ve also increased my stamina due to me not getting that “worn out” feeling after the 20 minute mark. I don’t gasp for air nor do I feel dizzy. I just feel a bit tired but not enough for me to go searching for a bed to lie on for the next few hours.

I’ve also noticed how durable my body’s become. I’m a guy who takes public transportation almost all seven days of the week and let’s just say a lot of things hit my body throughout the day. The thing is, I barely notice the pain and if I do notice the pain, I’m not one to go raging angry or scream the hell out of my throat for it.

My energy throughout the day is an on/off switch, though. I guess my body’s not yet used to doing the program 5 days a week with no rest day. I try to get some more sleep and I’ve been getting them recently and I feel like my sleep is just starting to catch up with my workouts.

I plan on perfecting the use of my 32 kg pair but I’m also considering buying a pair of 36 kg. I figured if I can’t lift a 32 kg bell because that’s my limit then I might as well buy a heavier pair, get my body used to half-lifting that, and I’m sure the 32 kg would feel a lot lighter then.

I’ve also lost 6 lb of weight, extra weight that I didn’t notice I had. I pigged out too much at my new work and I simply reduced it last month and I’m planning on reducing it even further until my body gets down to 170. That means 10 more to look forward to losing.

My water consumption has also been increased. After getting home from work, I’d drink one liter of water straight out of the container. And about one hour before sleeping, I’d consume my usual vegetable shake and that would be dinner in the whole functional sense of it.

I often do 50 double jerks with my 24 kg on Sundays and, while this is not part of my program, I found that I’ve been getting better at the rest of my workouts because of this. I want to fortify my upper body so I can press a pair of 32 kg and I’m sure double jerk presses will help me strengthen my shoulders. I’m planning on increasing it to 55 as of this writing and hopefully get to 65 before the year ends.

In summary, it’s been great and I’m having loads of fun with my program. I’m also contemplating on buying my own pull-up bar set and a pair of gymnastic rings so I can further enhance my dimension of training. I got inspired by this guy Frank Medrano and his sick moves with the pull-up bar.

I mean, did you watch that?  If I can do half the things he does with those pull-up bars then I’ll most likely look a lot better and become a lot stronger.

I’ve also been thinking of going back to running once a week. I’m not sure when but maybe when the year starts I’ll be ramping up my personal marathons again.

That’s all for my update. I’ll be back again when December hits. See ya!

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  1. bennytiberious said, on November 27, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Double 32 swung 60 times?!! Very impressive. Definitely go for the rings. I made my own from chains and hung them from a doorframe pull up bar. Simple. Cheap and effective. Ring dips are awesome! As are ring pushups.

  2. Two months into my program | The 9th Soul said, on December 18, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    […] One month progress […]

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