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Book Review: Every You, Every Me By David Levithan

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on November 30, 2014

It’s been a while since I reviewed a book. A few things got in the way which mostly involved work and shitloads of it. I also didn’t expect to read this book for more than a week given at how just short it is. Well I now realize that short doesn’t necessarily imply a quick read.

I got this book on a bargain sale and it was like 80% off or something. I’ve never read anything from David Levithan and friends kept recommending the guy so I might as well try a small book from him. What seemed an interesting plot became a chore, though, as I just had to pick the one book which most fans gravely criticized despite their being avid fans of the author.

The story started really weird and it tried to make an unlovable character lovable. The protagonist (?) of the story not only seems to need serious (mental) help but also someone whom you just can’t be with in real life. This is all usually good but the book really tried to make the reader become the guy and I couldn’t find the protagonist of the book in me throughout the book.

Given that this book is about a lonely guy with serious social issues (which I’m sure many can relate to or maybe all of us could relate to at some point of our lives) who seems to be stalked by someone who can’t let an old issue die. Throughout the book, I was really starting to think that this was just some story of schizophrenia and how everything was all made up inside the mind of the mentally ill.

But it wasn’t and it disappointed me. Yeah, I know. Spoilers but think of me saving you from reading this book. The pace is slow and the story doesn’t pick up until the last few pages. The ending seemed forced and hastily concluded. The climax wasn’t all that climactic and the aftermath lacked the proper finish and this book had no epilogue at all which seriously needed it.

This is my first David Levithan book and I’m regretting it. In a way, maybe this book saved me from authors like him. I mean, sure, John Green had his experiment (which also didn’t fit my taste buds) and this must be David Levithan’s. To be fair, I’m not the usual fan of lonely books like this. I like heartbreaking books but my picks for that genre include stories similar to John Green‘s.

Overall rating: 5/10

This is simply not my cup of tea.

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