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Two months into my program

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on November 30, 2014

10256513_10202014011910453_2014910487537600836_nMy program

One month progress

Recent developments:

  • Upper body is ever so slightly becoming more defined.
  • Strength from torso up to shoulders have significantly increased.
  • Performing repeated 64 kg deadlifts are warm-ups to me.
  • I can now do 60 swings in less than 4 minutes.
  • I can now do 100 32kg x 2 double kettlebell swings in less than 10 minutes.
  • I now have a “better” 64 kg armor building technique (more below).
  • Legs have noticeably increased in endurance and strength.
  • I’ve evolved my usual push-ups to one-legged then to spiderman push ups.
  • Jerking a 32 kg is easier but pressing it is still far from reach.
  • I also (unintentionally) developed my pull-ups when I tried them a few weeks ago.
  • I can now almost do a full ab-wheel roll (from standing position). I stop before my arms stretch overhead.

Modifications to the workout

Alternative to Armor-building:

Weight: 2 x 32 kg

Optional: 1 x double kettlebell swing before the cleans for momentum

2 x double kettlebell cleans

1 x jerk per arm (while two kettlebells are in the rack position)

3 x double kettlebell front squat

Ab-wheel workout:

Perform while standing and roll until just before arms reach overhead. Extend the “roll” as core strengthens.


One-leg (straight) push ups x 5 per leg for 50 reps or spiderman push ups for 50 reps.

Routine 4 modification:

One-arm 32 kg kettlebell jerks for at least 24 reps per arm for time.

If strength is not enough, push-ups or use ab-wheel.

We’ll see what happens when the new year comes in 😀 See ya!

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