The 9th Soul

Taking it slow but sure

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on December 18, 2014

With regards to my previous bump blog, I decided to veer away from my program for a while. By veer I mean avoid so much speed workouts and for a while would mean the whole week or perhaps the whole month of December.

I’ve had recent bouts of migraine and I figured high speed workouts such as my 5-minute swings, both double and single, might trigger the nauseous feeling which might end up becoming a migraine (one way or the other matters not). I’ll still look forward to performing 5-minute swings again but I should wait until I’m fully healed. My body, and particularly my head, may not be able to cater to the focus-demanding workout as I once used to.

And so as mentioned, I won’t be swinging so fast but I’ll be swinging much anyway. Below is my temporary recovery program:


2 x 24kg kettlebell

Double clean and press x 3 for 10 minutes (aim for 15 SOLID reps)

Double kettlebell front squat x 5 for 5 minutes (aim for 25 SOLID reps)*

Spiderman push-ups x 5 per leg (10 per set) for 5 minutes


Alternative to Armor building 2.0

20 reps standing ab-wheel

20 reps one-leg pushup (10 per leg)

10 reps Hindu pushup

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